Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Are you ready???????

Right then like I ve already said is our team
turn to set a weekly challenge over on UKS,and this is what I ve come up with.The photograph is of my two next door neigbours kids well some of them,(there s two missing).I ve used BG cardstock for the background,some M&MBI(bottom border)then used some db sided SEI paper(the pink following on)a hambly overlay(love this stuff but is the biggest pain to photograph)journalling card is from a kit I get from the US designed by Jenni Bowlin,some chipboard letters that I ve cut from an Ellison alpha the font is called GO SLIM(love this one)some braid like trim from Ben Madigan Crafts,hand punched flowers and some Primas,a few diamontes and them fluffy balls that I ve had for donkeys,and never used apart from some chrissy cards years ago,I ve gone off them but have to say I absolutely love them on here as centres for the daisies,just goes to show use something you hate in a completly diferent way and voila!!!

Now I ve mentioned last night that I would like to have a go at the june cardmaking challenge and after messing about at work ,I ve managed to figure out some dimensions and even created one from just some computer paper a black pen for doodling,some staples and a scalloped circle that I ve received today and here it is in all is glory LOL..Not bad hey?hahaha I should say I work in a Post Office.

I m gonna give you an idea of how you can recreate this and I m gonna try and be coeherent.First of all choose your cardstock and trim to 5"x10.1/2",now this will give you a finished 5"x5" card, should you wish to make it smaller just adjust measurements(ie if you want a 4"x4"finished card, just cut your card to 4"x8.1/2")Next step is to score each end at the 2.3/4" mark and fold,ok now cut two pieces of paterned paper 2.3/4"x4.3/4" turn the papers over and draw a semicircle using a plate or anything that you can find then glue it to your folded sides,you ve now got2 options you can either trim the base cardstock to fit the paterned paper or you can use your scalloped or any fancy scissors that you ve got to cut round the shape ,this will give you a layered look.A little tip to get starting on your scalloped edge is to just nip the corner with some normal scissors before you start,it will be easier to get in close.I ve further cut a square piece of contrasting plain paper just a little bit short of 5"x5" and glued it on the inside of my card,and to keep the clasps closed I ve used some sticky velcro(had some left from some roman blinds I ve made ages ago)but you could use one of those tiny magnets clasps that MM sell,or just glue some ribbon at the back and tie in a bow at the front.Right I m afraid this is it..finished!! and if this instructions are as clear as mud but you wish to have a go give me a shout and I will try and help.Anyway this is the proper one I m gonna upload to the boards.I ll go now and spend some time with my hubby hes just got in(been for a round of golf with his colleagues after work).Seeya

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  1. Ooh just seen your card on UKS, it's gorgeous!!

  2. I really love this card. I love the elegance of the design first and then I love the colors you have chosen.


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