Thursday, 21 June 2007


Well hello there,I ve survived the most awfull dat at work today,the office I work in is quite small and no it has no ventilation in it at all(we are supposed to get some air con at some point..but not sure quite when).So me and my colleague were really uncomfortable and it was quiet and that made it worst also is not helped by the fact we have to wear those horrible syntethic shirts in the most horrid shade of lilac lol,thing is all the other girls look lovely in them but I do feel like the colour drains me(boy I don t like them at all),oh well it will be allright i suppose,we did however we had a lovely treat today,there s a new deli shop that opened in the village recently so went to check it out in my lunch break,soon as I walked in my jaw dropped,the most yummiest looking goodies were beautifully displayed in beautifull baskets(I love baskets)so of course I couldn t resist spending a few pennies,I ve had a lovely rustic roll filled with chicken and bacon for my lunch ...and it was delish!!!Then I ve got two lemon tarts for the 4 o clock coffee break,got some homemade pate and a loaf of crusty wholegrain bread for tea,and I had to buy a bottle of sparkling elderflower drink,and OMG it was beautifull so much so that tmrrw.morningI m gonna try and collect some elderflowers on my daily walk with Nico and make my own,I keep you informed on how that goes.Now crafting wise I ve received some stamps from the Papertray Ink yesterday and had to have a play also I wanted to make two cards to give one of the girls I work with as a thank you for a favour she made me.So I took a sketch from the june cardmaking competition on uks and created this.I think she liked well she said she did so that s good.Ok I m gonna go and try to figure out how to upload a header on this blog I think I ve managed to sort the pictures situations.I ll be back!!!LOL

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