Sunday, 24 June 2007

Lazy sunday!!!

Even tho I ve planned to do lots today ,I ve ended up doing nothing apart from catchin up with housework bleeh,Paula(my fellow crafter) was coming over for a day of crafting but she rang this morning saying she couldn t make it as she was not feeling okay.So that was it then I thought to myself well theres the CJ entry that you could finish and also I want to build up a collection of cards again for a few shops(haven t made any for sale in a while and I ve been asked again if I would make some)so I ve decided to make at least 2 a day and that way I could keep up with it hopefully.Now I was going to talk you through making this totally yummy aubergine dip today but of course the wheater was c***p and the process involves the BBQ .Sooooooooooooo instead I m gonna share what we had for tea,as this is one of my favorite dishes salmon with a crispy crust.It is the most decicious dish ever(providing you like fish)and whats better is very fast to prepare and it take 10 min to cook plus the time to steam the veg
Start with your baking tray and cover it with some tin foil then brush some olive oil so the fish won t stick.Get the salmon fillets pat dry them season with salt pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.Next you need to make your crust and this consist of some very simple ingredients.You will need 2 slices of bread a few sprigs of parsley some parmesan cheese(as much as you like really)and 2-3 tbs.of olive oil to bind it all.Throw all this in a food processor and whizz it up adding the olive oil season with salt n pepper.Now spread it on top of your fillets without pressing it down just lay it on.

That s it!!now bake them in a preheated oven at 230 degrees for 10 minutes or if your fillets are v.thick just give them a bit longer.Serve with steamed veggies of your choice and a lemon wedge.I promise you ,this will make you so happy and you will reap the high praise and apreciative comments from any guest if you will serve this at any dinner party.D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S
BTW this is Pete s plate, I was havin slightly less veggies on my plate cos I m trying to be GOOD!!!(not working tho.)Dosent it lookgood enough to eat????????
Right then I m afraid this is all I ve got for today,I ve been asked over on UKS to post a tutorial on how to make a box for your bulky handmade cards,using the groove in your paper trimmer,so will work on that and you might want to come back to see what I m up to.Take care (((HUGS)))
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