Saturday, 23 June 2007


Another wedding cake done and safely delivered,the bride and groom came to see it last night and they ve loved it !!!lots of ooohh s and ahhh s and *is fantastic !!!*also*so much better than I thought it will be!!*So I think they ve liked it!!
This was the topper, the photo s not that good, dosen t really show the detail and the swans are sat on a puddle of clear gel that makes it look like water,the tiers were separated by strands of swarovsky crystal(must have cost a small fortune)and there was small spashes of the clear gel that looked like water drops on the tiers below(very effective,and the crystal sparkled beautifully).

Reception was held at a beautiful hotel, Cave Castle in Hull(sorry picture is off their website it was pouring down so couldn t exactely take one)

so we had a ride and I was planning to take some photos and walk around the grounds ,but of course the heavens opened and it just poured, by the time we arrived I was getting seriously worried as any drop of rain would have ruined the beautiful finish that I ve worked so hard to achieve,so Pete was under strict instructions to find someone with the bigest brolly going ,well you should have seen his face LOL,but like a true hero he is ,he found someone sharpish and the cake was quicky rushed into the room safely and with not a drop of water on it, well apart from the ones that were supposed to be there.As we came out I was admiring the lovely lake when all of a sudden I ve spoted those.......

little cuties and just had to stop.They were running towards me followed closely by mum thinking I had some yummies to offer,little did they knew all I had was the D200 lol
Heavy rain started again soon after this picture so got back in the car and we headed back, stopping on the way for the dreaded supermarket shop at Tesco.(hate it!!)Do you know how many people choose to shop on a weekend????????LOTS!!Personally can t think of nothing worst,even if I d work all the time I would prefer it to get it out the way on a weekday(even if late) after I finished work ,then havin to spend my weekend there,mind you I had to do just that today so a bit snobish,but point is I m only doing it if is an emergency and HAVE to.
I ve also made the happy couple a card,I make one for every client just to say thank you,and it has alaways had a wedding cake on the front(quite apropriate if not somewhat predictible),until last night! I ve had this new set of stamps that I haven t had a chance using yet so I thought I ll have a change....what do they say? ..a change is as good as a rest?I used white embossing powder to emboss the image then used my white pen to pick up some detail then used my clear glitter sakura pen and lots of stickles for extra sparkle,a bit of dotty satin ribbon,primas and a pearly brad.Also stamped the background with white brilliance ink.Hope they ll like it.

The other exciting thing is that I ve booked the holiday today!!!!We are gonna spend a whole week enjoying all the 3 S.s under the beautifull sun of FUERTEVENTURA,we re leaving next saturday from London(I know!!) as my sis and bro in law are coming as well.Cannot wait ,but this means I ll have to divert my spending towards some clothes as supposed to some more stash so I can see a trip to Leeds on monday(day off), woohoo!!.Talking about clothes shopping I ve found a really fabulos bargain yesterday,had to go into the next little town from where I live and buy some ribbon ,and next to the ribbon shop I found Peacocks,now dont get me wrong I ve heard about it before and gone past it many times but never actually bought anything from it until yesterday, I walked in and ta da I found this....I mean is supposed to be underwear but I will use it to sleep in ,I just instantly looooved the colours and what s best is the fact that it was £3 for the little cami top and £2 for the french knickers...Hoooraay to nice it!! What do you think will it make my hubby wink???LOLOL

Ok then I will go now,and tommorow I will talk you through making a fabulos lips smaking dip from aubergines,they were on offer at Tesco will have to make some tmrrw.Bye for now, see ya

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  1. Fantastic cake Mon!! You are one talented lady. The happy couple had every reason to be thrilled to bits with it, it`s fab!!
    Oh, & by the way, what a lovely place to get married.

  2. Its so gorgeous Monica, I love the swans and how they look all fluffed up and I like the photo of the ducklings, dont they make you smile :)

  3. Love the card! Love the image! The cake is beatiful. Can't believe you made it yourself.


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