Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sneak prewiev

Hello there,I have got COMENTS!!!YAY,I m getting excited but it is thanks to my dear team mates from UKS that popped on to see it after I ve drummed about it on the threads,so thank you girls,also Alex left a coment saying she liked what I ve done with the image she sent me,cheers hun!.I ve been busy tonight finishing a layout for the weekly challenge on UKS,my team Mates n Memories are hosting it so together we set a pretty cool challenge,I won t spoil it you ll have to go and see it.I will however post a little sneaky prewiev,I m really happy with it altho I wish I could scrap a bit faster,I m such a slow scrapper and I found out that the more I do the more confident I get but I m still slow!!!!!!!very very slow.You see I could whip up 3 or somehtimes 4 cards in a two hour session but when it comes to scrapping I m spending close to six sometimes even more hours on a page,the problem is choosing my papers it takes me an age then I m trying to choose a layout wich is another epic and so on every step is quite a traumatic altho very enjoyable experience LOL..right then are you ready for a little peek?????I just love those fluffy balls,and I like the colour scheme lots.
Laura had a fabulos day her DH took her for a nice dinner at a very posh eaterie(they live in London)and he bought her a 1/2 carat diamond solitaire as a birthday gift.(lucky girl)altho like she said she never had a diamond engament ring it was just a cheappo cubic zirconia one cos at the time that s all he could afford .I m so very happy for them they are a very suited couple and is such a fantastic time for them at the mo with the little baby being on his way.I love them both with all my heart.Well i think I m gonna hit the sack I mught have a go at one of the challenges Janice has posted in the cardmaking forum and have to hop over to the DCM blog see what they are up to.They have a dare on every week and there s some fabulos inspirational designs.Go and check them out.Oki doki I will actually say night night to you all,see ya!!

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  1. Thats a bit too sneaky madam, but made me laugh, fab layout now I have seen it in full lol :)


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