Monday, 18 June 2007

Well can you belive iT???I ve only got myself a blogaroo,and I m quite excited really at the prospect of recording my somewhat chaotic life,I was never good with diaries but I do like my keypad so hopefully I will manage to keep on top of it.What would this blog be about?Well like I said earlier mainly my daily shenanigans,as well as my many passions.I just love any kind of crafts but my favorite has to be papercrafting,I also bake so you will catch a glimpse of a wedding cake or two,and I m just passionate about cooking so if nothing else interesting s happening at least you ll get to know what i m having for tea LOL,oh and did I mention photography?..this is my newest found passion and have to say i thought it will come a lot more naturally than it did so far,but like they say practice makes perfect so I will keep at it.I ve done a few cards today I will try and upload if I can figure out how,first one is for my little her birthday tmrrw.she gonna be 30!!Woohoo.......Ok so the picture is now at the top..hmm will have to figure this thing out.I ve used a pregnant Bella image(Laura is pregnant with her first baby due at the end of oct...CAN T WAIT!!!)the image was sent to me by a lovely kind lady from UKS(I will upload a link later to her blog she has some lovely cards on there).Also today I ve had a delivery of some SU brass stencils from the US and I ve played a bit,the second card I love for the colours ,I just really like this colour combo so bright and cheerful,techniques used were dry embossing ,the blue cardstock has been stamped with versamark ink,a spotty flower that i ve received in a swap and hand written sentiment,and guess what? the top it goes why is this happening?ARRRGGGHHHH......right now the last one is a casing,(now if you re anything like me and don t have a clue what this means is basically the equivalent for a scrap lift)and this was from a SU magazin I ve got with some stamp sets i ve ordered.Anywhoo I m off to see if I can rectify this image uploading lark.See ya

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