Wednesday, 18 July 2007

For God sakes!!! TEHCHNOLOGY....

GUYS I m back!!! I can t belive it!! Had to change my browser to Firefox as I was on AOHELL before,have tried Explorer and still nothing,so thank you LEIGH (Claudias new hubby) for sugesting it to me.YOU ROCK!! and I can post piccies again LOL,happy days. Right the weekend went pretty quick we managed to make a trip to Leeds on friday to visit a relative who s extremely poorly,then we went out for dinner on a lovely country pub and I ve had the most delicious swordfish with a sweet chilli sauce thinghie,followed by yum yum banofee pie..very nice indeed. Then on saturday I ve cooked a roast dinner(first one this summer as is just to hot to,but this sat wasn t) and like I alaways do, I ve made some yorkshire puddings, now as I took them out the oven I fetched my camera and started snapping away when I ve heard Pete.."What the hell are you doing?" I answered.."I m thaking some photos of the puds for my blog", his face said it all and the shake of the head confirmed it!! LOL.Sooooooo would you like to see my yorkies? Here they areIs official: I M A DOMESTIC GODDESS!!! What do you think? Not bad for a foreigner ,but I am an adopted yorkshire lass after all.
So after a delish dinner some tidying up and a walk, it was time to go up to the craft room(Pete was watching some rugby game) and make something. I m alaways making cards and pages but never ever something I can actually use,so while up there I was trying to find yet another jar or something that could hold my new set of SU watercolours I m waiting to come from US,inspiration struck!! I ve realised I could actually make a holder even a pretty one if I tried hard LOL. Now ages ago I ve seen a simple box made from 4 beer mats(coasters). And I ve got some of those left from a mini book I once tried to make and didn t,and decided to give it go.So I ve started on covering the sides with some pretty paper and one that preferably didn t have FOSTERS on lol,punched my holes and all that but then..I thought how could I make little compartments for it,you know instead of just the boring four sides box,and my sock and ties drawer gave me the answer.Now I can t explain to you in words what is like, but you ve seen those many times I m sure and they just slot one into the other,and you re left with those cute compartments.So that s what I did and do you know what? I love it!! I think I ve fiddled with it a bit too long tho cos it ended up a bit tatty at the edges but I ll know next time won t I? Anyway here it is my cutie.I m off now cos I m making a birthday cake that needs to be finished by must check back to see soem pictures cos I can add pictures to my blog you know lol.See ya
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