Tuesday, 10 July 2007

WE are back!!

Well we got back sunday morning,but of course since we got back all time was eaten by the boring stuff that comes after a holiday,you know endless washing then worrying how on earth is all gonna get dry (thunderstorms and hail stones we had on sunday)ironing blah blah blah!!
Anyway an absolutely great time was had by all,it was a very relaxing holiday,we were blessed with blue clear skies every single day,really hot during the day but because of the constant breeze it meant we were not uncomfortably hot at all.So great weather,great food,great accomodation,great company.........ok ok it was just GREAT!!!lol

Right then while I was away I ve been tagged by this talented lady here(!!*%$£"lol)what???I ve not got a clue what to do next and deffinately don t know who to tagg in return (I ve got to send it to 7 other people that blog).Now don t get me wrong I haunt about 50 blogs quite regulary but I know nothing about blog etiquette ,I mean would you not offend people if out of the blue you tagg them?Anyway I have to enumerate 7 facts about myself,so here it goes

1.I m LOUD!!!and I talk too much lol

2.I m a size 12 desperately trying to get down to a size 10

3.My favorite tipple is Campari and feshly squeezed orange juice

4.My favorite colour at the minute is lime green

5.I m addicted to nail polish,I m known to paint my nails every day

6.I m against unfairness

7.My favorite chore is ironing

Ok now off I trott to find seven blogs...see ya!!!
Ok first on the list will have to be my team mate Claire who is also new to the blogging world
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  1. Oh I see what you are up to then, so I have to do the same to another 7 blogs that I read, is that right, I shall pop along to UKS and have words lol :) Do I have to do 7 facts about me?


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