Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A big birthday!!

Hello, today post is about an incredibly layered card!! For a long time I ve admired the very layers involved cards over on SCS and woved I m gonna have a go one day, and yesterday was the day!!lol. One of the girls I work with is gonna turn 50 next month and her mum asked me to make her a card. She didnt really mind what colour or design so I ve had a free hand to just run with it!! The photo above is the box for wich I ve used a Anna Griffin label stamp a prima flower , PM pearl brad, Autumn Leaves swirly stamps, QZ Studio numbers for the 50 and my own handwriting for the *On your ...Th*.

For the card itself I ve used a SU dress stamp wich I ve watercoloured then diamond glazed and picked the middle of the flowers with stickles while the glaze was still wet. It is a very nice effect IRL. I ve chosen autumnal colours and have to say I do love those rusty tones. And I ve basically just layered until I could layer no more,at one point I was afraid the card would become front heavy and won t be able to stay upright LOL. I m happyish with the result and the lady really loved it but have to say havin looked at it all day I would have done parts of it diferently. Oh well never mind there s alaways next one.

Now I ve been sitting on some exciting bit of news for a while now, and how I ve never let a word slip I ve no idea, but all will be revealed tmrrw. put it this way is Reason enough for me to celebrate so to mark the event I m setting a challenge. Please design a card fit for a celebration it can be any kind of celebration you d like, post a link here when you ve done and I ll add it to the blog, next wendsday I will pick a winner. The prize is some very hot(straight from the states) selection of ribbons in an array of colours that I ve just received today(will put some pics up tmrrw). So what do you think? Fancy a challenge? Have a go and pop back to show me your beautiful cards. See ya

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  1. Monica that 50th card is stunning, I adore the colours you have chosen and the presentation box is a perfect finishing touch!
    Jane x

  2. Gorgeous card Monica hun - you've got the layering off to a fine art!!!

    Looking forward to seeing those ribbons :)

  3. Well I bet I know what Monica's news is....Congrats...well deserved :o)

  4. Hello! My little card is on my bloggie, celebrating a 'happy day'

  5. Monica that card is gorgeous!!

    Can't wait to see the ribbons, they're one of my addictions :)

  6. That card is just stunning, like everything you do.
    Congratulations on making the GO GO greetings DT, i knew you would, they would have have been daft not to give you a place, your work is amazing! Well done. xxx

  7. Will definately have a go at this, your dress stamp has reminded me of a similar stamp I have so will use that
    lisa x

  8. OMG this card is sooooo beautiful. well done xxx

  9. Hi Monica,
    Hi Monica!
    Congrats on the DT!!!

    Here's my challenge card:
    by Samm: DCM, Beate and Monica's challenge


  10. The card is gorgeous, I'm sure the recipent will be thrilled, I know I would be !

    My entry to the challenge is on my blog here -



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