Thursday, 9 August 2007


Hello my dears I am so sorry I ve been slack with my blog, quite busy period I won t bore you with the details. This post is all about photography, I m really happy at the mo cos my photos are coming along nicely. I ve completed Cheryl s photography course recently and I ve learned lots culdn t quite belive how much really, and I would say keep taking photos it will come more natural in time just take hundreds. We recently took a trip into Germany to visit some relatives and it involved a ferry crossing. On our way back I climbed on the top deck to take some photos and I ve managed to take this one wich pleased me no end.
Now where I want to get with this is the I took no more no less than 275 pictures and there s only about 5 of them that are any good. So deffo the more you take the better chance you ll have of getting that good shot. So about this course I think there were 250 people that took part ,we had a module per week,and we had to choose maximum 3 images each. Every week the tutor choose the best 5 images, now I never ever thought I will be one of the chosen ones for any of the modules due to the fact that I ve only heard of proper creative photography in march and started taking photos in april(I do however have to add that two of my team mates on UKS Sarah and Donna have managed it on several occasion with Donna topping the chart nearly every week.. SHE ROCKS!!)....but in the penultimate week on the most challenging module acording to Cheryl *capturing action* one of my images has been chosen as image of the week. I WAS GOBSMAKED and here it is(click on the images for a really close look)

I m definately growing more confident each day and I m more inclined to think outside the box as well. I just wanted to share this so in years to come I can refer back and I would not forget. SEE ya
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  1. fab photo! no wonder it came out top! :)

  2. Aaaw, you're so modest! I think all your work is amazing. You definitely have a natural talent for it.


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