Sunday, 9 September 2007

More Bellas

I ve been busy really busy this last week and didn t have the time or I was too tired once I ve stopped to do any crafting whatsoever, and on friday night I HAD to do something. I ve made soem cards using the Bellas and I ve challenged myself to use the Paper Posies glittered stack from DCWV. When I ve bought it I thought yay I ll make loads of cards with those papers but it just wasn t the case it just stayed there in my box. So decided I ll have to use some of it and I did, this is what I ve come up with

This last one is a tent topper card that I ve made sfter seeing loads made by the talented Bird(ALEX) and I ve got to admit that is not my thing,I ve probably use the wrong image for it or is a bit too flat(ie not enough layers on it)and the pink is not purple like the picture shows it just come out this way it looks totally the wrong colour with the papers but is not IRL, but I thought I ll put it on here cos I only ever upload cards I m happy with I wanted to show you one I m not happy with. Also what I might do is find some of my first cards to upload and compare them side by side with some recent ones .

I ve also made a little topper as I m selling the wooden die to make those cuter teddies and somebody on UKS wanted to see a picture so I ve made this to show her. Right then loads to do I ve got another cake to make for next week so off to soak those fruits. See ya all mwah!!

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