Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Pocket card tutorial

Right guys a massive two of you wanted to know how to make this card,but I know there s a few lurkers around too, so come out and show yourself .. I don t bite honestly lol. Now this card is really not as complicated as it loooks but then they alaways say.. is easy if you know how!!!!

I will have to apologise for the quality of the pictures I m afraid one bulb in the ceiling is really not that good for photography. Here it goes:

Start with a A4 piece of cardstock and cut in half lenghtway like this...

The fold each piece exactely in half
Now on one side cut diagonally from the top left corner to bottom right hand corner, on the other piece from top right hand corner to bottom left hand corner. It will become more clearer once you see the image

Now choose your pretty paper and using the offcuts as templates cut a layer to fit each triangle. I ve used some Basic Gray Blitzen and stick on top of triangles leaving a small border. Now stick the two rectangles at the back together and your card should be taking shape, it should look like this one

Stick the front overlaping either to the right or the left wichever way you prefer but make sure you only stick the bottom edge and the front bit you will have to leave the pocket for the card to slot in. Make the card to go in the pocket embellish to your design then use a topper or any element you wish to decorate the front. And that s all there is to it!! See I told you it was easy...lol

My finished card is here

I ve used the image from the SU *Spring in Paris* set, I ve adapted her outfit you can t see it properly but shes got furry gliterry trim on her top and a pom pom on her hat, also the Vespa is watercoloured and diamond glazed but of course the colours are just c**p!!! I ve paper pieced the tree on the back of the bike by punching out several snowflakes and sticking down on a triangular shape. I think I will like to add some glitter to it later on. Used one of those picutre hanging thingies painted it with some red acrylic and tied a bit of ribbon onto it. Well I hope those instructions were clear enough but should you need more info please contact me. Hugs to all and MANY THANKS to all of you that care to leave a comment, please link here to show me your pocket cards. See ya!!!
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