Monday, 1 October 2007

Meeting LUCA

Hello to everybody that reads this poorly updated blog!!! first of all let me start by apologising for my long absence but I've got a good reason I'm telling you.

My very first nephew LUCA SORIN ILEA was born a month early Saturday 22 September at 9.19 am weighing a tiny 2.600kg (about 5lbs 12) and I was there to witness it all.
All I can say is WOW!!! it was deffinately the most amazing experience of my life ever!! Hard work like, but boy oh boy!!worth every second of it.

He is a tiny little thing but strong, coped well on his own but unfortunately he developed jaundice so he is still in hospital catching a sun tan, bless LOL.
 He looks incrediblly like both his parents already, he has Laura's small face and features and his dad's eyes and mouth, he also got loads of dark hair that goes curly when wet (dad and mum both have dark hair) and he's got daddy's long fingers and toes wich pleases us lots because both my sister and I suffer from the short and chubby fingers syndrome.
Here it is a day old and I just adore him!!  I fell in love the very first second I lay my eyes on him.
Isn't he just the cutest???? my heart melts every time I see him!! Of course I have made him a card it was in a rush though and not the original one I had in mind because  I am still waiting for the Zoobaloo cricut cart to come, and he was not suppose to come till a month later, so had to really rush one but I was pleased with how it turned out in the end.

And the box it was presented in.

Ended up in London again this weekend to see Luca, and yesterday after checking out from the hotel we were staying I ve asked DH to plan the journey to Alexandra Palace on his Scott Scott, and surprinsingly we were only 20 min away. Needless to say we took a detour and I only had an hour but boy oh boy I ve managed to spend quite a bit(mind you that s never a problem)

 Thank you all for visiting and most importantly for taking time to leave me comments, I really apreciate them all. See ya mwah!!!
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  1. Congratulations on the birth of you adorable Nephew, i could just eat him, he is so cute. The card you made for his birth is gorgeous too. Wow, you certainly know how to shop!, a women after my own heart. Hope your little Nephew goes home soon. Looking forward to seeing more crafty stuff from you, take care T xxxx

  2. Luca is the cutest baby!!! Sad he has jaundice but it's kind of a good look!!

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. He is just cutey gorgeous.:) The card is fabby and WOW, what a haul!!

  4. Monica it's great to see you blogging again, it's always a fun read! Luca is adorable and I genuinely mean that, all babies are cute, but he is scrumpicious! Chat soon!!

  5. Congratulations. Awww he is sooo cute almost makes me think of having another but nah 4 is enough I think!!
    I'll be looking out for more of your gorgeous work.

  6. Hi there!! thanks for visiting and kind commments {much appreciated :)}
    Your little nephew is so so cute and sweet!!!
    and what gorgeous cards you have made for him!!
    lovin your Tilda card, I have just sent away for the bride and groom Tilda {cant wait!!} everyone has gone Tilda MAD!!! LOL

  7. Awwwwww! What a little cutie!
    Love the cards you made too.


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