Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Colouring with markers tutorial

Hello girls, I m sorry it took me a bit longer to update this time, but things are hotting up and I m trying to keep on top of it all. Right then as promissed here is my version of a colouring tutorial but instead of watercolours I am going to use markers( Stampin Up markers). Now the secret with colouring is to try an create depth to your image ( adds interest and makes the image come to life) and you can only do this with three or more shades of the same colour. For today I m going to be using Barely Banana,Apricot Appeal, Summer Sun,Pumpink Pie and Bashful Blue.

So once you ve decided on your colours is time to get starting. I ve stamped a few images and showed the colour process in steps rather than having to post 10 photos (Blogger might say NOO ). My stamp is from the Cheers to you set from SU and I ve settled on the beer pint so I could make a male card at the end.
Ok so what I ve don here was, starting with the lighter shade Barely Banana I ve just filled the image randomly theen added a bit of Apricot Appeal here and there, dont be tempted to cover the image neatly from edge to edge be random leaving some white spots.
Now that you ve got your lightest colour down start adding the others as you can see in the first image(left) I ve just went on the outside of the image ( again not neatly) with the Summer Sun marker, in the next step(middle image) I took my strongest shade Pumpkin Pie and only drew around the edges being careful not to add too much ( if you think is not enough you can alaways add more after). Now you take you lightest marker again and blend it all in. You could also blend it in very successfully by using a watercolour brush just be careful as to not put too much water as this will lighten your image to much and then you would be tempet to add more colours and you d end up rubbing more to blend and your paper will start to peel and go all bobbly and nasty.
After you re happy with how your image looks and you ve blended it all in to make the image pop further take the Bashful Blue marker and trace around the outside of the image.

And this my friends is it!!! I love those markers cos they give really bright effect and there just enough shades for you to achieve great results without having to spend £300.00 on a set that s got God knows how many hundreds of diferent shades ( I m not Michelangelo and dont want to feel the pressure of using 20 shades on one image I m only making birthday cards!!!) I m not saying SU markers are cheap they re not but what I m saying they are affordable compared to others on the market and having tried the Marvys SU are much more pigmented. I LOVE MINE!! and here is the finished card

Now would you like to get your hands on those babies? I am starting a marker club, we need four people and it runs for 4 months, each month for £35.50 you get a set of markers and a full pack of coordinating cardstock , by the end of the club you will have collected the whole marker set (all 96) with a case to keep it all in, and the whole collection of cardstock all coordinating of course. Please let me know at telemech01@aol.com.

Now I m going to show you one more card I ve made for my sample board wich is coming together nicely. I just loveit, this check the background on this card base.

Dont you just love that? I m in heaven as dots and paisley are my favorites ( I sound like Brucie lol) Certainly Celery card blank was stamped with the Paisley Background in Old Olive, a distressed layer in Pumpkin Pie, one of Bashfull blue that I ve edged with my pinking shears, sentiment form the Happy Everything set stamped in Old Olive and Pumpkin Pie( used the Stamp a ma jig), Old Olive ribbon, a flower and a half backed pearl from the pretties kit, all equals to a very nice and easy to produce card. Love how quick and how efortlessly all my cards are coming together now. Enjoy whatever you are doing and thank you for stopping by. See ya !
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  1. Thanks for the tutorial Monica. I LOVE that paisley stamp, can't believe how beautiful it is!

  2. Hi Hun....Thanks for the tutorial. My markers are ordered and on their way. Can't wait to play! Love those cards too...TTFN
    Carole X

  3. Great tutorial! I shall try it out soon :)

  4. Fabulous!
    I love the blue edging. You are a star at tutorials.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I just love your card - especially the one for your board - gorgeous!


  6. Another great tutorial Monica. Love the blue edging.

  7. That is one gorgeous card Monica!!

  8. You are a bit clever Mrs!

    Love both these cards, but the little beer glasses are just so cute!

  9. Great to meet you tonight Monica, cant wait to use all my new stash, Jules xx


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