Thursday, 27 March 2008

Is flipping fantastic

Helooooooooooo everybody. My Flip is here and I ve got the day off tomorrow, so this only means that you might just see a video tut on this blog as soon as Saturday. ( I m not committing to saying which year though LOL)

On a first inspection is really easy to use, small, really basic, and it plugs straight into my laptotp GREAT!!!!. So off I go to try and see if I can manage to EDIT it, and most importantly to upload it here .> Hmmm

ETA> I DID IT!!!!! YAY!!!! but ugh that voice! lol
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  1. Ohhhhhh i would to see you do a tutorial i would check it out as you know i am your friendly co stamping stalker..... LOL Amanda xxx ps I am blogging too check it out what do ya think.

  2. Fabby, what a cute little gadget!


  3. I got mine in December but I go the deluxe one-it has the lens in the middle and a bigger hard drive in it for only 20 dollars more. most pleaces locally are discounting the original. btw-you can get a case that makes it waterproof to use in a pool or lake. way cool.

  4. ooooh can't wait! A tutorial!
    Hope you'll be having a manicure especially for the hand close ups!!!

  5. Hi Monica! I recently found your blog and I love your style :o) I'm an Irish girl now living in the US and I've been a SU demo since '04.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your Flip.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Do you know what, even though I have absolutely no idea what this is pmsl I can feel your excitement so congratulations!!!!

    (can you tell i do not "do" technology??)

  7. Yay you did it!! Can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  8. You don't sound foreign at all Monica, you have a yorkshire twang to your voice.Your english is amazing.
    Lovely to see you.

  9. Hun..fab little've made me chuckle...i have left an award on my blog for you.

  10. Wooooohoooooo you did it, looking forward to seeing you more. lotsa love Amanda

  11. Hi Monica, I found your blog after visiting someone else, BOY! am I glad I visited you! I have just spent the most enlightening hour of my blogging life on your site, your work is amazing and you are such an inspiration. I have been a stamper for fourteen years and just recently signed up with SU in Feb. I live in Western Australia but I'm from Cornwall "oooh argh!" I will check in again for sure, keep up the good work. lots of inky hugs from Charmaine (Down Under):-)

  12. Oh, how cool! What an interesting gadget!
    You looked great and nothing wrong with your voice.
    Im looking forward to your first tutorial x

  13. Hey great to see and hear you Monica! Looks like a great gadget, will look forward to video tutorials.

  14. I want one!! Please tell me where you got yours..

    PS nothing wrong with your voice, you wait and you will hear mine!! LOL


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