Tuesday, 1 April 2008


... to ME!!! Yep I m 21 again well that s not entirely true i am actually 34. Oh dear!!! how did that happen? I have had some beautiful gifts and more handmade cards that I ve ever had in my life, so I ve decided to do a quick blog and thank all of those that sent me a card or contacted me to wish me well.
Absolutely gorgeous dont you think? This last set is simply the most beautiful thing anybody has completly made for me, it was made by the very talented Carole and it was such a suprise!!! Love it, thank you hun. xxx

The card on the left here it is clearly not a handmade one but a very special one nonetheless, it came from one of my dearest friends Claudia( she lives in Seattle now), and is just lovely I love those two girlies she also sent me a fabulos scrapbooking book, thank you both so much Clau, miss you loads. Hugs xxxx

Of course i ve got loads more cards from my much loved Sister and BIL, all my UK friends, I spoke to Mum and Dad xxx, and I ve received messages from all over the world. Thank you all for not forgetting my birthday ... as if you could haha. HUGS and SQUEEZES MONICA XXXXXXX

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