Tuesday, 10 June 2008


WOW!!! WOW!!!! and some more WOW!! This Getaway was just the BEST!! And I m happy I will get the chance to do it all over again as I ve booked for next year s on the spot. So I know I ve been back since Sunday night and not updated you all, but believe me it took me a good 3 days to get back to normal again, it was impossible I was so worn out is not even funny, but then I ve had I ve had 11 hours sleep out of 40 so obviously it was too much that I could handle, I cannot do it anymore.. honestly I was cream cracker ed, I am also in work all week so not got much time for everything else. But I promise you I ve got loads to share just need a day off to catch up with everything. But I ve got to ask you something.. do you live near the postcode DN14? would you like to come and meet me over a card making session? if your answer is yes get in touch and I will fill you in... it is very EXCITING!!!

Ok until next time I am leaving you with a picture of the fabulous teachers at the Gogo Getaway and the brains behind it that are Lorraine and Janice.

What a line up!!!! From left Fiona Beckman( great lady loved her classes I took two and they were both FAB!!!) , Jane Dean( this lady blew me away with her class and her personality, she is the sweetest, funny, quite shy, warmest and generous person, love her), Lorraine and Janice in the middle (those two girls along with some of the DT girlies and Lorraine daughters worked like truppers to ensure everything went as smooth as... and boy oh boy it did!!), next it was Mary Anne( gorgeous talented lady warm and friendly, didn't take her class but bought everything to have a go at it later as it was DELISH think clear shaped acrylic yum!!!) and then there was a sweet girl called Shimelle ( well what can i say, she truly is a sweetheart and the mini book queen, Loved the class she taught and as you can expect it was fun and quirky and original, she even made cupcakes for us all I had rhubarb and raspberries very yum indeed). Apart from the teachers I ve met some gorgeous girls and I loved them all, but I won t mention any names for the fear of leaving somebody out. I cannot wait to do it all over again roll on 2009. Night night M xxx

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