Saturday, 12 July 2008

For my Friend

I left for my holiday with a few completed projects to share with you while away but made a big mistake. Instead of uploading everything to blogger I just took my laptop with me thinking that I would be able to find a wireless network to do my uploading when the sun was too hot to stay in it. I was wrong as there were no wireless networks available the only Internet connections were in the hotel lobby at 2 euros for 30 min. Bah.
So anyway on the 4 of July my real good friend Claudia celebrated her birthday. Made her this card

Black card blank was stamped with the polka dot background in white Brilliance ink. The Too cute flower set was used to stamp and cut pout some of the blooms, and the leaf from the In the Spotlight hostess set was stamped in a little cluster. Some black brads for the centres and some spotty May Arts sheer ribbon. Hope you liked it Clau and hope you had a fab Birthday and Independence Day.

I ve also scoured Etsy for something to offer her as a little pressie and found this gorgeous pendant and chain. I just love Etsy for lovely handmade gifts there is so much talent out there and you do end up with something a bit different. The pendant has a mother of pearl inlaid centre and some beautiful opals that would match Clau s blue eyes perfectly.
Looked lovely IRL as well I just hope she liked it, not had a chance to talk to her yet. I will see you very soon as I ve got some exciting news to share with you all. M xxx

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  1. Love the card Monica, really like the dramatic contrast between the black card base and the blue background.
    Now you've got me on tenterhooks for the news . . . . !LOL!

  2. Monica I really loved it. Thank you so much for thinking every year to make this beautiful cards for me.

  3. I love this card! And how sweet to find a hand-made gift for your friend!


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