Friday, 1 August 2008

I am celebrating!!!!

Oh WOW!!! you are probably sick of hearing me going on about my success with Stampin'Up! but this morning I had a phone call from our demonstrator support to congratulate me on reaching yet another milestone. It is official, I am the first Silver 2 in the UK, I am elated and extremely greatful to have achieved this, don t get me wrong it was a lot of hard work but I loved every minute of it and it is a pleasure it does not feel like work because I am doing something I absolutely love. So I am now impatiently awaiting my next pin and certificate, I did told Chris ( our hero at demo support, love you Chris and thank you for all your hard work) to make sure he will polish my pin before sending it LOL> I would have never been able to get here if it wasn't for two very talented ladies. I am so lucky to know them and be able to call them friends, also lucky to have them in my team they are Sally and Carole and it was down to their promotions in July that I ve achieved this, they have both reached Bronze 3 so well done girls and massive thanks. Also I had the craziest month, the recruiting promo went down a storm and an incredible 8 of you signed up in my team during July and I am now leading a team of 16 excited girls all over the UK, it is fantastic to see so many of you and I am looking forward to the days when I will be celebrating your successes. I will put links to each of their blogs soon and you will be able to check their work out, I feel blessed as the talent between them is just amazing. So I will crack open that bottle that you see in my photo tonight (Veuve Clicquot is my favourite tipple ever and I don't have it often cos I can t afford it often lol) to celebrate for sure, but I thought hang on a minute! what about all those wonderful people that are daily checking out your blog, buy SU product from you and leave you the most wonderful comments about your work? don t they deserve something? And it has been decided on the spot, I am giving you all a chance to win some candy.
As I will be thinking of starting my Christmas classes soon I am giving away to one lucky person a brand new and unmounted Christmas set.... and it is this one

Perfect Presents, my personal favorite from the catalogue at a value of £24.95, I am also offering FREE POSTAGE on everything you purchase from me till the end of next week( offer ends on Sunday 10th of August at 12.00 am) sorry Uk entires only. To be in with a chance of winning the set just leave me a comment on this thread and tell me what's your favorite Christmas colour combo? I will use the random generator to pick a number out and will announce it on my blog next Sunday at 12.00 am. Good luck and thank you for getting me here everyone. Hugs Monica xxx
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  1. well done Monica, thats a great achievement.Id love to be in with a chance of winning the candy. My favourite christmas combo is red and green.
    karen x

  2. Way to go Monica - you are a star!!

    My fave christmas colour combo is red and green cos I'm a traditional girl at heart.


  3. WOW, Big congratulations Monica - I'm not surprised at your achievement at all - you are the THE BEST.

    Would love to win the blog candy, I've started to think about Christmas cards already ...

    Fav Christmas colour combo, pink, white and silver - with lots and lots of sparklies :)

    Enjoy your tipple this evening ...


  4. Hi Monica just wanted to congratulate you on your promotion to Silver 2. What a fab achievement to be the first in the UK. You're obviously leading a great team too. Enjoy the bubbly! Cheers Zoe in Lincolnshire

  5. Hi Monica,
    Congratulations on your excellent achievement.

    I'd love to win something for once, so here's my comment and as you requested, my favourite colour combo for Christmas would be "Old Olive" and "Ruby Red", I'm quite traditional.

    Fingers crossed

    Mariana Carter

  6. Congratulations Monica, You deserve to be the 1st to this milestone, I know how hard you have worked. I am honoured to be a member of your team and a big THANK YOU from me for all your support, help and advise.
    Carole x

  7. Hi Monica - congratulations on your fabulous silver! My favourite Christmas colours are silver and purple.XXX
    Yvonne Carruthers

  8. Wow First to silver 2, Congrats. Christmas colour combo.....Hmmm Has to be Navy and Silver for me.

  9. Congratulations Monica - I am really proud for you and thrilled to be one of the 16! As I build my businees I look forward to getting to know the others too *waves*

    My favourite Christmas Colour Combo is actually ice blue and lilac - that having been said I love that combo at any time of year! I also adore pink and fresh green ...

    I cant believe that I am talking about Christmas and its only just August!

  10. Wow! Congratulations Monica!! 16 in your downline since Jan is fantastic! Not surprised though, your enthusiasm is contagious!! Hope Chris polishes the pin well.
    Colours for Christmas? Hands down, blue and white!

  11. Congratulations on your success Monica, it's well deserved. I really like the traditional colours (red/green) for christmas but I am trying to make more in non-traditional colours like blue & pink. Thanks for the chance at candy. Lots of love, Denise x

  12. Congrats Monica, you're a great ambassador for SU!

    Personally I adore lilac and silver at Christmas but love most other pastels like blue , green and pink too.

  13. congratulations Monica :) What a fantatsic achivement and duely deserved ~ enjoy the tipple.

    As for my colour combo it has to be silver, white and black. Not traditonal but I love it on a card :)

    Take care as always

  14. Well done hunny, I'm so proud of you! If I knew you were breaking open the champers tonight I would have got a babysitter ;)

    I love reds and golds at Christmas but will be very interested to see what wonderful combos you come up with this year for your Christmas cards.

  15. Oh fantastic news Monica, well done to you and all your hard work, you certainly deserve it. Oooh champers how lovely

    Okay, my favourite christmas colour combo, blimey thats a difficult one, I love so many, like Hot Pink and Zingy Green at this precise moment in time!! it could all change in the next couple months mind you, lol

  16. Hey 'mammy' monica!

    i am so proud to say you are my upline, what amazing successes you are having! You are truly an inspiration!

    As for xmas colour combos, as much as i love red and green, it has to be blue and lilac that are really appealing to me at the moment! With lots of glittery bling of course!

  17. Congrats Monica!! My favorite christmas colour combo is the traditional red, green & gold ........... your work is fabulous & I would love to know what your favorite christmas colours are?

  18. Congratulations Monica on your wonderful acheivement :)
    My fave Christmas colour combo would be traditional shades of red and green.
    Cath x

  19. Congratulations Monica

    My fave Christmas colours are turquoise and lilac...with a touch of silver thrown in.

  20. Well Done Monica you are an inspiration! My fav Christmas colour combo is green and red.

  21. Well done Monica you are a Shining Star for SU, keep the good work up for all of us. Love xxxxx


  22. Congratulations Monica!

    My fav xmas combo is deep plum and gold

  23. Massive congratulations Monica. I'd love to win the stamp set, it may give me the incentive to start my Xmas cards early for a change!!
    My fav colour combo for Xmas is lilac and silver.

  24. congrats monica, couldn't have
    happened to a nicer person.

    favorite christmas colours have
    to be red gold & green always
    old fashioned girl at heart!

  25. Congrats on your award!! You are an amazing SU family member and your projects always look beautiful! Well done you deserve it!

  26. Hi Monica
    Congratulations. Your works are beautiful.


  27. Pink & Green for me Mon!! Big Congrats to you on your Silver 2, and give us some more of your tutorials!! They're fabby!!

  28. wow congratulations very deserved...sorry I couldn't join you and the girls this month...fav christmas red, black & works for santa!!!....hugs Teresa x

  29. Huge congratulations Mon, you thoroughly deserve it hun. Enjoy your bubbly, its my fav drink too!!!
    My favourite colour combo for Christmas is blue & silver. Debs x x x x

  30. Love your stuff,very insprational.

    My favourite xmas colours, hmm difficult, as I have a different colour theme each year. I have had


    out of those I think the coper /burgundy is my fave.

  31. Congratulations on your award Monica, well done. You deserve it though, and without your effort you wouldn't be where you are.

    As for Chrismas colours, a nice frosty blue, and sparkly white. Silver always goes down well with me too.

    Sharon Betts x

  32. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

    Monica on achieving another level with Stampn' Up.

  33. Hi Monica
    congrats to you, your hard work and great blog deserves a medal. i'm awaiting my kit and will be the first demo in Staffordshire, so it's more hard work for me too (but fun also --i hope). xx Mo

  34. I really like pink and green or rich deep green and burgundy.........rather than the red and christmas green colour.........a bit of gold with the deeper colours is also fun

  35. Well done Monica, your work is lovely and hard work always pays in the end. Congratulations :)

  36. Way to go Monica, big congrats! From one of your satisfied Stamper's 10 members....

  37. Well done! What an achievement! My fav colour combo for Christmas is red and green with a touch of chocolate! Enjoy your celebration!

  38. Congratulations :)
    My favourite colour combo is the traditional red and green but when I think back the last few years I can't remember making many cards with these colours LOL.
    This year I am leaning towards trying black and white with hints of copper or gold, or perhaps lime green and pink, or blue and silver, or.......

  39. I think last year my colours were baroque Burgundy and Old Olive. This year I am leaning towards blue and silver. I have not seen the new catty yet so that could change.
    Many congrats on your new Silver.

    Hope I win your candy!!
    Pat in Watford

  40. Congratulations, Monica - really well deserved.

    My fave Christmas colours? Red and green, or lime green and hot pink at the moment

    Jayne x

  41. Many congrats Monica - keep flying the flag for SU! WTG!!! My favourite colours for Christmas are definitely red and green - call me an old traditionalist.

  42. Your award is well deserved Monica as your passion for what you do truly shines through.
    My favourite Christmas colours would be red, green and gold. Very traditional.
    Hoorah to your team as well!

  43. Woohoo congratulations Monica, that's fantastic achievement and well deserved. I love the goodies I buy/receive from you. Now to my favourite Christmas combo, ummmm I must admit it's the traditional colours of red and green though I like gold too.

  44. Woo Hoo, well done you! Congratulations, all your hard work has paid off, hope you enjoyed your bubbly.

    Mmm favourite colour combo, I think mine change each year, this year I am quite into pink/green but I am sure other colours will be cropping up as well.

    Val Der Re

  45. Well done Monica :), my fav Christmas colour combination has to be blue, white and lilac

  46. Congratulations Mon, so very well deserved.

    By the way, fave Christmas colours are pale pink, lilac and pale blue. Maybe a touch of silver thrown in.

    Hugs - me xx

  47. Well done Monica,good for you!!!

    My fave xmas col combo is Pink,Silver & lots of sparkly glitter :o)x

  48. Wow your hard work has paid off...

    My favourite combo has to be navy, silver and white...

    The stamp set looks fab...hope I win..


  49. Hi! :)

    I think my favourite christmas combo must be... Hm... Blue and white (or silver).

    I hope the number generator picks me! :D Your candy is great!

    Hugs, Marie.

  50. well done on your silver2. I love your cards

    my favourite colour combo for Xmas has to be red & green, I a traditionalist at heart!

  51. well done on your silver2. I love your cards

    my favourite colour combo for Xmas has to be red & green, I'm a traditionalist at heart!

  52. Congratulations Monica!!!

    You deserve your silver 2 award!

    Your cards and ideas are beautiful. Hope you enjoy your champers!

    My fave combo is traditional red and green - and am looking forward to seeing what great ideas you come up with for Christmas projects.

    Fab offer too on free p&p this month!

    Katie x

  53. Well done you!I love red but anything else is cool to.I reckon I should win so that I can test drive these stamps ( LOL )

  54. Congratulations Monica on your successes!

    Christmas colours for me would be baby blue, silver and white.

  55. congratulations!!

    My fav christmas combo is red & gold. I love it so much My living room is red and gold!!

  56. Hi Monica! Good for you on your acheivement!

    I'm afraid I don't really like the traditional red/green Christmas cards. I would go for lilac/silver or gold/red everytime!!


  57. Huge congrats on your success Monica - fantastic achievement! Will be browsing that catalogue later - a few items I have my eye on & with your free p&p offer, how can I refuse????lol

    Fave colour combo? Has to be lilac, pale blue, white & silver - love it!

  58. WELL done Monica.

    My fav. combo is pink, green, gold.

  59. OOh Monica , Well Done!
    I have two favourite colour combinations, blue, white and silver and pink, white and silver

  60. congratulations Monica, next step GOLD. love karen

  61. i forgot my favourite colour combination is Pink/white/silver. congratulations once again, love karen.x

  62. Congratulations Monica Hun... a fantastic achievement... sending Cyber (((((HUGS))))) your way :)

  63. Congratulations Monica
    Love watching your tutorials & your cards are great. :)
    My fave Xmas colours are probably Red & Green, but also find pink/lilac & silver appealing too!
    Julie x

  64. CONGRATS deserve it!

    My fave color combo for xmas has to be red,black & white..maybe with a hint of gold. xxx

  65. well done hunny!!!!

    you soooooo deserve it-you work so hard!!!!

    Loads of love nd hugs to you hun!


  66. Congratulations Monica. I'm new to card making and I think your card designs are inspirational. My favourite christmas colour combo is blue and silver.


  67. Congratulations on your silver status!!:)

    My favourite christmas colour combo is hot pink, silver and white.

  68. Congratulations Monica, I am thrilled that you are both enjoying yourself and being so successful.I love the traditional colours but I am really keen on a light blue and silver combination.It works so well for snowflakes but also Christmas trees etc.

  69. Well done Monica. You have done really well.
    My fab colours for Christmas are lilac and silver.
    Kath Woods

  70. Well, i have been looking through the wonderful range of SU colours, and i think i may try some turquoise and green for christmas cards! Along with some glitter of course!

  71. Congratulations Monica. I think my favourite would have to be silver and blue.

  72. congrats Monica. fave colour combo is silver and purple

  73. Great news you desreve it well done,
    Enjoy the champange
    Luv Paula xxx

  74. Hi Monika,
    I've just found your fantastic blog. I love silver and icy blue.



Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment, I really apreciate it as I love hearing from you. Hugs Monica xxx