Monday, 20 October 2008

A bad boy.....

that's what Nico is lol. Hello and if you stopped by to see another stamped creation sorry I haven't got one for you today, but I am sharing with you my best friend. Nico is our 5 year old German Shepard and in spite his age he is still very much still a puppy in fact we often still reffer to him as puppy. This last week or so the weather's been so glorious and I kept thinking every day that it would be a good idea to take my camera with me on one of our daily walks so that I could take some photos of him as is been ages since he posed for a shoot. (I don't do it often as the blooming Nikon D200 weighs a ton.) So I did just that one day last week, we set off from home had a 35 minutes walk after which I decided to have a quick grooming session to ensure that the boy looked his best. Another 10 minutes doing that then a quick walk to find a perfect spot (you know how it is) and before I knew it he was playing hide and seek.... in the DYKE !!!!!!
Yep nicely brushed and fluffed up and he dived straight in.

Look mum, look what I can do !!!!!

Oooh I know let's play hide and seek, can you see me??????????

Yes Nico I can see you, now get out !!!!!! Ho hum ok ok I'm coming...

Oh NOOOOOO !!! I ve got my hair WET !!!!!!

Honestly I could kill him, he does this every time we're out and every time he catches me by surprise I never see it coming till he actually does it, like here I was playing with my settings and before I knew it he was heading down towards the dyke, so just snapped away so that I don't miss it, not brill photos but I wanted to share his adventure with you.

Needless to say after this he just had to pose for some head shots, wet shots mind. Isn't he such a gorgeous boy????
Have a good evening Hugs M xxxxx
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  1. Oh he is just gorgeous!! Our girl is exactly the same, and the smellier the water, the better! lol!

    Still if they didnt do these things our lives would be so dull!!

  2. Nico is a beautiful looking dog. German Shephards are a close second to Labs, at least that is my thinking but I love both. I have a 3 year old Chocolate Lab and I would be lost without him. He is a lot of work but so much fun and great company.

  3. Wow! He is gorgeous!!! He is very handsome.
    At least it's not horse/cow poo,like 2 of my 3, like to roll in,eugh!!!!!:o)x

  4. Looks like he had a lot of fun!! He's so gorgeous! Kate x

  5. He is just gorgeous! German Shepherds are such beautiful dogs, unless you have owned one, you don't fully understand just how gorgeous and clever they are! It doesn't matter that he was wet, he still looks great... :)

  6. He looks gorgous!


  7. * giggles *

    He is lovely :-) and it looks like despite his wicked sense of humour you both had a good time


  8. Ahhh, he's lovely. I would love to have one of these beautiful dogs. I have a cat which isn't quite the same thing!

  9. What a fab boy Nico is! I think its a German Shepherd thing.... water. Dirty or clean, shallow or deep, don't they just love it. I totally agree about the age too, my boy just turned six last week and he might as well be six months - long may it continue. Thank you for sharing your lovely pics.


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