Monday, 20 October 2008

A bad boy.....

that's what Nico is lol. Hello and if you stopped by to see another stamped creation sorry I haven't got one for you today, but I am sharing with you my best friend. Nico is our 5 year old German Shepard and in spite his age he is still very much still a puppy in fact we often still reffer to him as puppy. This last week or so the weather's been so glorious and I kept thinking every day that it would be a good idea to take my camera with me on one of our daily walks so that I could take some photos of him as is been ages since he posed for a shoot. (I don't do it often as the blooming Nikon D200 weighs a ton.) So I did just that one day last week, we set off from home had a 35 minutes walk after which I decided to have a quick grooming session to ensure that the boy looked his best. Another 10 minutes doing that then a quick walk to find a perfect spot (you know how it is) and before I knew it he was playing hide and seek.... in the DYKE !!!!!!
Yep nicely brushed and fluffed up and he dived straight in.

Look mum, look what I can do !!!!!

Oooh I know let's play hide and seek, can you see me??????????

Yes Nico I can see you, now get out !!!!!! Ho hum ok ok I'm coming...

Oh NOOOOOO !!! I ve got my hair WET !!!!!!

Honestly I could kill him, he does this every time we're out and every time he catches me by surprise I never see it coming till he actually does it, like here I was playing with my settings and before I knew it he was heading down towards the dyke, so just snapped away so that I don't miss it, not brill photos but I wanted to share his adventure with you.

Needless to say after this he just had to pose for some head shots, wet shots mind. Isn't he such a gorgeous boy????
Have a good evening Hugs M xxxxx
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