Friday, 31 October 2008

Trick or Treat?????????????

.....this is what I ve been hearing since 4.30. Yep that's right that is the time my little ghosts,Dracula's, Frankenstein's and all the other gory characters started knocking at my door for some teeth rotting material and gosh they are still coming as I type this, where are they coming from? I only live in a small village with about 250 houses or so. Every Halloween I decorate the front of the house a little, is one tradition I have embraced since coming to the UK and I always play a prank at the door and end up making my visitors jump, I kinda feel sorry for the really little ones though. This year I haven't prepared anything new but used one trusty witch that I bought in post Halloween sales some 5 years ago, she is sound activated and gives out the most frightful witchy laugh ever( this laugh is bad enough to freeze your blood in your veins mwahahahaha) so I dangled her in front of my door tonight and as soon as they knocked at the door all I had to do is lift the flap of my letter box and let it drop in a loud BANG!! and presto the witch started... of course everyone is taken by surprise and gives a little scream or you can just see a little funny. As far as treats go I normally bake them myself and they are as gory as they can get, imagine green almond biscuits shaped as fingers with whole almonds as finger nails stuck to the fingers with blood red icing, or eyeballs decorated as realistically as they get, unfortunately there was none of that this year as my SU business keeps me a bit too busy (today only my DHL man dropped 4 boxes full of yummy stuff ready to be sorted and distributed) so I'm afraid it was some shop bought lollies which I quickly made over by wrapping some white tissues around them and using a elastic band to secure, then with a black marker draw some eyes and a mouth. Boooohooooo hoooo

I also went out there and took a picture of my front door, I knew you'd want to see it. Lol

A very HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my blog readers. Hugs Monica xxx
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  1. And there was me thinking you where such a nice person...... Your door is decorated beautifuly
    Carole x

  2. It looks wonderful!!! The lollies look great too :o)x

  3. Wow! How fantastic! Love the cobwebs and the little lanterns. No wonder you get so many little trick or treaters, bet they can't wait to get to your house!
    Love Karen xx

  4. What a fab idea making the lollies into ghosts.. easy to do and very effective .. must remember this for next year :-)

    Love the way you have decorated your garden and door looks great!

  5. fab idea with the lollies monica and your front door looks fab! no wonder you have had so many halloween visitors!

  6. What a great sport you are! Your front door looks fab and those little ghosts are adorable!

  7. You are very clever...and very creative..I love your front door and your lollies..great idea!! Must remember that for next year..x


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