Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hi everybody, I know apologies are in order as it took me a while to update you all. Well what a hoot this last Saturday was at the Birmingham NEC!! I loved it even though it was so very busy all day long, didn't even get the chance to get to the loo, I worked on adrenaline the whole day I am sure, I have shared the wonderful SU opportunity with so many lovely ladies it was great, it was also fab to meet some of my Passionettes for the first time I only wished I had a bit more time to chat and get to know them a bit better but I am sure we will have the chance to all meet one day( I am working on a mini convention for all the Passionettes!!). I even met some of my SU grandchildren as well LOL, customers of mine, blog followers and loads of our talented demos popped in throughout the day I LOVED IT!! There were 7 of us on Saturday and I am sorry to report that I didn't even had time to take my camera out the bag so no piccies*upside down smile*, however kindly Michelle sent me one of hers that a kind gentleman that clearly doesn't understand dslr took, and he also managed to make me look huge, I wish I could remember his face LOL. here it is

From left, moi, Paula our lovely Country Manager, at the back is the lovely Charlotte( clever talented lady, she did all the demos at the Prima stand for SU), then the ever so sweet Eileen( Eileen is part of our demo support team) , the gorgeous and funny Kelly at the front( Paula's assistant), my super duper good friend Michelle sneaking at the back and the lovely and bubbly Amanda at the end. This was the Saturday team.

Now it was a lot of fun but boy oh boy as soon as we stopped everything started to ache from feet to backs to faces from all the smiling, to my throat ( I can talk for England but even so I could feel my voice going by the end of the day). I think feet were the main complain of the day and I have anticipated that this would be the case and made some quick but useful gifts for all the ladies to take back to their hotel rooms.I didn't have a lot of time to make those WOW looking, as you can imagine with all the decorating we did last week I have hardly seen my stamping place, so went for quickness just a cello bag with a simple scalloped topper. The little containers were purchased at Superdrug and the reviving foot spray and softening cream came from Boots Sanctuary range. I have shared a room with Michelle and OMG!! it was such a laugh she is such a darling and I love her,we didn't stopped talking till 1 am I even ended up at the reception in my pyjamas to ask for some milk as we run out and couldn't find a number to ring, imagine the faces of all the diners from the adjacent restaurant, you know when people look once then look again in disbelief !!!! Yep that was me however receptionist never batted an eye lid, I m sure he's seen it all before. I will go off to bed now and I promise I will get back into the swings of things pronto. Night night M xxxx
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  1. Hi Monica,
    LOL at you in your PJs in reception, that is so funny! I'm glad you enjoyed the NEC, thanks for your hard work getting the word out there, talk soon, Tara x


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