Friday, 21 November 2008

Mr and Mrs

Hi ladies and gentlemen (wink wink), gosh life is hectic to say the least there are 32 days to Christmas (WHAT?) and I feel like everything is catching up with me and very fast, no cards yet no plans for any pressies (apart from a few crafty one I have made myself), no plans for what we are eating in Christmas day, Laura, Luca and Bil are spending the holidays with us and we tried to get mum and dad to fly over but they cannot make it, all this and there s only 32 days left, thirtytwodays!!!

However with all those deadlines that I am late for is not a Chrissy card I am showing you today but a wedding one

My next door neighbours are going to a wedding tomorrow and Vicky asked me for a card, the bridesmaids are wearing pink coloured dresses and there are pink flowers in the bouquet's so this is why I have choose those particular colours. Regal Rose Whisper White with a touch of black for contrast, the stamp set is the beautiful *Mr and Mrs*perfect for anniversaries and wedding cards. I have also added loads of clear crystals( non SU) in the centre of flowers and those have really lifted the whole card love them, looks much better IRL was hard to get a good photo, mind you is hard getting any photos in the grim light that we have at the minute.I am busy doing a video on ribbon tying today but first I have to dash and buy me some skirting boards. See you soon hugs and kisses!! M xxx
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