Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Chirstmas has come early.......

...for me. Here s the story, last year I heard Stampin'Up! was coming to Europe and UK in particular, so as soon as I heard the news I was convinced I would be one of the first demonstrators to sign up but then November came and I was having doubts, my questions were would I be able to do it? do I have what it takes? would SU become as popular and loved here like they are are in America, Australia, Canada? I was having all those thoughts and they made me delay sending my paperwork in. So the launch day came and went Christmas came and went and finally on the 27 of January 2008 I have become a Stampin'Up! demonstrator. You see what I needed was someone to tell me that I had nothing to lose only a lot to gain by becoming a demo, but because everything was still new I found no one to have a chat with me and explain it to me in plain terms what being a demo is all about, and it took me longer because I had to figure it out for myself. So if you are reading this and you thought about becoming a demo yourself get in touch with me for a friendly chat, no hard sell or pushing I will just give you the facts and you can then decide for yourself if it is what you want to do, start the New Year as a SU demo and see where that takes you. Since January I have achieved great things with Stampin'Up! and I couldn't have predicted that it was going to take off like it did for me and I know that here in the UK we haven't even started yet!! the potential is huge and my demo future is looking bright. I have managed to build a fantastic team of 34 girls (I am still waiting for the first man to join us) who make me the proudest upline with every promotion they achieve (and let me tell you there have been lots of them so far and many more to come I am sure) and I am so happy that I have took the decision of signing up, my only regret is that I haven't signed up last November. Now like you already know SU have recently announced they top 3 achievers in Sales and top 3 in Recruiting and I was delighted to have won in both categories, I have been told that as well as special certificates we will all receive a memento to mark our achievements. So I cannot tell you how excited I was and how I waited for my prize to come, well today was the day and this morning I have received a white package by Special Delivery. Inside there were two little turquoise boxes topped with perfect looking white satin bows. Well imagine my excitement when I have taken them out and I read what it said on them

My jaw dropped, my head was spinning and I couldn't wait to get inside them, my only dilemma was which one to open first LOL. Here are the contents A truly stunning coordinating set from the *Tiffany Notes* collection, a chunky solid silver charm bracelet and a matching pendant on a delicate chain. I absolutely adore it and I have not taken it off yet since it arrived (well apart from photographing it). I will have them forever to remind me of my achievements in my first year of being a demonstrator, so thank you, all of you that supported me through my journey so far, thank you to each one of my wonderful Passionettes and thank you Stampin'Up! I have had the most wonderful year and long it might continue. Hugs Monica xxx

ps Sorry about the long post.

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