Friday, 12 December 2008

What a lovely week

.. I had. As you know if you've been reading my blog I had a few days off from work and my lovely sister with that delicious nephew of mine came to stay over. Well as you can imagine I had the most fun filled days, Luca is at such an interesting age (nearly 15 months) he is discovering the world every day, he also talks ( most of it is totally foreign to us but I bet it makes a lot of sense to him) nearly walks and loves playing with everything else apart from his toys. He spent nearly the entire week here

Absolutely loved pushing his head in there and rolling the drum in fact he was trying to get his whole body in there at one point he kept lifting his little legs to try and get in . So very funny but it was such an eye opener on just how demanding they are and OMG!! how much stuff do you need for them? I am sure those with children would understand. But he is coming on great and I love him to bits

And yes this t-shirt is so right about him being loud!! I wonder who he takes after???

Ok so the only crafty thing I have to show you is a recent scrapbook I have made for Luca s album and I scrapped some photos of his first beach holiday this Summer in Andalucia.

My UKS team is hosting the weekly challenge on there so this was my entry. All made with SU stash, Haiku papers, various stamps and rub ons, I love it but I need to add my journalling on strips I think on the bottom left corner to balance everything out so i will tweak it a bit.

Can I just say a huge thank you to all of you that took time to leave me so many wonderful emails and comments on my last entry, you are very lovely and I was really touched. BIG HUGS Monica xxx

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  1. He is sooo Cute Monica! It has been so long since mine were that small I almost forgot how busy little people can be! Thanks for sharing.
    I enjoy checking the Dream Teams blog every day! The group of you have so many creative ideas - very inspiring!

  2. I am not trying to be mean, really. Why would you even encourage him to put his head in the dryer. Sometime he might be big enough to pull himself in and close the door. I can't imagine it being safe.

  3. Aww I dont think you are mean at all and although my his parents and myself cannot see any harm in it I can understand why some people would think this is unsafe, I need to stress out that he is not left on is own for one second and also it would be impossible to lock the washer door from inside as there is nothing to grab hold off, also you need to pull a lever first before you can close it so we are 100% ok with this, plus this will not last at their age is about discovering new things all the time and pretty soon it won't be interesting for him anymore and he will have moved onto something else. Thank you for your concern. M xx

  4. Lovely layout Monica and your nephew is soo cute! K x

  5. i love it !! bravo


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