Tuesday, 24 February 2009


What a week!. Lots and lots happened. Firstly at the beggining of last week I found out that my beautiful friend Claudia had safely delievered her first ever so gorgeous baby boy Joshua John Fatzinger a healthy and very big baby, I forgot exact weight but over 11 lbs. He is just adorable and I so wish I could jump on a plane to Seatlle right now only so that I could smell him.

Welcome into the world little one and BIG congrats to mom and dad, their lifes will never be the same again. A huge lot of love to you all.( photo shamelessly knicked from Leigh's facebook)

Then work, and then work some more after work on a wedding cake.

A simple but elegant design, and it was those flowers and leaves that took a bit of time. I was pleased with the result( and the very smooth, flaw free finish wich is important when the tiers are almost bare) and the bride and groom were too, which was the crucial bit. uhu it was>

Friday me and hubby went to see my uber talented Passionette Julie in Sweeny Todd, well all I can say is WOW!!!! the show was FANTASTIC and Julie equally brilliant, a true pro and I have enjoyed seeing her wearing a different hat so to speak.

Then Saturday was spent between work ( notice the pattern? that thing keeps getting in the way of things), delivering the cake attending the wedding service and take a few photos, then went out in the evening with some girlies till the early hours, Sunday was spent with family and recovering ( I just can't do it anymore, mind you I m not sure I ever could DO IT!!)And then Monday I HAD to clean the house because it was BAD. There bored yet?

I did made a card. It was a comission for someone s girlfriend.

Baaad photo as it was taken just as the day disappeared and no amount of clever editing would make it better but you get the idea. I am a bit tired of brown-pink combos, as yummy and as gorgeous I think they are.... and they are, but I was asked for pinks so that's what I did. *Crazy for cupcakes* image coloured with markers, sentiment framed by one of the frames from *Frames with a Flourish* and *girlfriend* was cleverly stamped with the aid of the SMAJ. Clever huh? Matching *Sweet Always* papers, pearls and choc chip grosgrain ribbon. Oh and the other colour used is Apricot Appeal.

Ok what else have I got to tell you? Oh yeah, do you live near me? DN14 9QZ? Cos if you do and you would like to see me in action, I would welcome you to a SU party at my place on Friday 27th of Feb. What s more exciting is not only you will get to see and drool over my extensive collection of SU stash( more or less the whole catalogue LOL), get a chance to touch and even use lots of it, you will also get the chance of winning all the free hostess benefits collected on the night, I am planning a mystery hostess party. So do you fancy a fun night out? bring your crafty friend along and let me entertain you( I know you re thinking Robbie Williams at this point, I am too). I am even baking little fancy's LOL. Email me at telemech01 at aol dot com

Hugs M xxxx

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  1. Ohh my goodness, you have been a busy bee....
    That wedding cake is georgous...you are so talented.
    Wish I lived nearer...I'd be knocking at your door Friday LOL

  2. Goodness me, you have been busy and that cake looks absolutely amazing!
    I too wish I lived nearer to go to your su party.

  3. I so wish I lived nearer would love to join your SU party :(

    That cake looks fantastic, so simple and elegant - I wish I had your talent.

    Love the girlfriend card, must have taken a while to line up that small lettering even with the Jig.

    Massive congratulatins to your friend, wow what a big baby - he looks so cute, bet you've made a beautiful card?

    Best wishes


  4. Wish I could be there Monica - it sounds like a lot of fun!

    Baby, cake and card are all scrummy

    Have fun on Friday


  5. Oh how cute is Josh!!! 11 lbs, blimey!

  6. Wish I lived closer but 6,000 miles is a bit far. I hope you have fun.

  7. OMG You are very talented and the little baby isn't so little 11lbs something Wow !!!
    If you fancy showing off work & sharing it with others come and join us on our craft blog www.fiskarettes.co.uk we also have challenges and competitions too !
    x jayne x

  8. Thank you for the nice words, I wished you were here to smell the baby, he smell like nothing else on this world. And he was 9 pounds 14 ounces. Still big... take care,


  9. OMG - the wedding cake is absolutely stunning! Is there anything you don't do??? You are amazing :)

  10. Beautiful baby, really gorgeous. Love the cake too-you are very clever at so many things Monica! The card is fab too-like a boutique and I feel hugely inspired now I have that set. Have a rest now you have been very busy and must be worn out!

  11. Beautiful baby, really gorgeous. Love the cake too-you are very clever at so many things Monica! The card is fab too-like a boutique and I feel hugely inspired now I have that set. Have a rest now you have been very busy and must be worn out!

  12. Gosh, what a bevy of beauties - babies are creativity at its best - although your cake and cards are something to behold - really lovely - I always enjoy stopping by your blog and I'm only sorry that I live too far away to join in your party - I'll just look forward to your post and photies about it after the event - Bridgette

  13. Fab cake, gorgeous baby, could eat him up!! Thanks for coming to see the show and for enjoying it!!!!! Jules x

  14. Wow - overload! lol
    11lb baby?!! My eyes are watering - I thought Owen was bad at 8lb 2 (Jasmine came out of the 'sunroof' tee hee)
    What a talented lady you are Mon - that cake is so elegant (just my style - infact, my cake was pretty similar)
    Glad you enjoyed Jule's show - wish I could have been there!
    Finally, fabby card as usual :) xxx

  15. Monica, you are super woman for sure.
    The card is so adorable for Joshua but of coarse it goes along with the adorable baby that he is. Isn't it funny how we just want to smell babies!?
    The wedding cake looks fabulous - good job!
    You my friend are extremely talented.


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