Wednesday, 29 April 2009


hello like I told you in my last email I have something special to share with you. This is an email i have received from Alison a lovely lady and a customer partial to some SU stash. This is what she sent me
Hi Monica,
I just wanted to share with you a card I made yesterday to send to my sister using the All in the Family set and accessories.....I had such fun making it!!!
Last Monday was my hubby's and I's 18th Wedding Anniversary and also my brother in laws birthday and my niece's boyfriends birthday!!!

All my family met down at my sisters for the day....the first time in 2 years we have all been together....17 humans and 1 dog Benji !!!!

It was quite a challenge trying to get the people grouped and I had to try masking some of them....adding the glasses was even harder!!!

I used the heart from the 'send with love' stamp that came with my sale-a-bration set.

My sixteen year old son Alex, laughed when he saw the card trying to work out who was who, and I have called in my daughter, India's skills in photographing the card to send to you!..

Hope it makes you smile

And here is the card

Not only it made me smile but it nearly made me cry. Having a large family( mum is one of 5 and dad one of 11, uhu gran and grandma had no telly) I know first hand how wonderful and special family reunions are, and of course living 2000 miles apart from your loved ones makes it even harder to get together. I adore this card and is one I am planning on recreating myself one day including all my family members. Thank you so much Alison for sharing this with me and for allowing me to share it with all my readers, I think is wonderful and it just shows that no amount of shop bought cards will ever be as special as a hand made one. This creation is one I am sure will be kept forever.

ps how cute is little Benji? he hee

And this is what I have been doing, preparing little surprises for all our class participants. I loved posting all those white envies stamped with the sweet Fabulous Friend stamp from the Oval all set. I am soo excited we only have 2 DAYS LEFT!!!!! I shot the welcome video and OMG!! It took me like forever I was getting out of my mind with having to retake parts over and over again, and then you know when you get interrupted so many times that hysteria starts to set in? Well it happen and I ended up adding the bloopers at the end for a larf. Oh and I look rough, very rough even though I had more makeup than Coco the clown on, hee hee never mind I am sure people wont mind it, the projects are looking good so that s what matters. I will see you soon hugs M xxx
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  1. Hi Monica

    Thanks so much for sharing the card you were sent - you are right making something with so much meaning cannot be beaten.

    SO excited to see those envelopes - I am really looking forward to seeing the welcome video on Friday!

  2. What a super card! Don't think I dare start one for my family it would take forever! Looks like your classes have sold well. I'm really pleased for you. hugs Z x

  3. Hi Monica, i am Alison's niece and we were the ones to recive this card! :o) My auntie directed me to your blog and said how brilliant your cards are so i'm adding you to my favourites list if that's ok! So excited for my auntie that you put her card on your site! :o) Kate

  4. Fantastic card, thanks for sharing Monica. I don't have a large family, it wouldn't take me long to make a card at all :(

    I can't wait for the classes to start, will be stalking the postman ;0)


  5. I got my envelope today!! I'm so looking forward to the classes.
    Fab story with that card BTW, and what a great card it is!

  6. What a great card, I can imagine the work involved!

  7. Hi Monica - I've got an award for you over at my blog. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow!
    Vicky x

  8. Awesome card! Really fun!


  9. WOW Monica this card must have taken you hours with all the masking.
    Super cute card.

  10. Alisons card is brilliant & like you say.. Far more special than any shop bought card could ever be!! xxx

  11. Fan-Piggin-Tastic! I feel left out now! :-( looks like you are all going to have a fantastic time in the classes (is it too late?)

    Love the card I looked at the stamps and thought mmm like but what to do? and now it's easy isn't it, they will be a great buy.

    Love Dawn xx

  12. Super, I have that set and never used it, great card for family reunion!!

  13. This is such a cute card! It reminds me of a cake I made some years back. It was for a "grandma's
    85th bday)I made all the faces on
    Wilton candy melts! What fun! Thanks for taking me back down memory lane! Stephanie


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