Friday, 17 April 2009

Three little ..............

....sausage dogs!!!!!!!!!!! Heloo just a quick one as I am really busy. I though you might like to see something other than a card and I have just delivered this little beauty.Kate my hairdresser asked me if I would make her a cake for her mum's 50th birthday. And I said yes I will do it as long as it a simple design and wont take me longer than 5 hours. Which is what we did kept it simple and it only took me 3 hours in total( cooling the ganache before whipping was what took the longest), made the doggies while cake was cooking then put it all together in super fast time. Kate's mum has 3 gorgoeus daschund's and they are her life, she sows them and constantly wins all those rosettes with them. So we just decided to make 3 sugar models of the girls and that s what I did. here s a peek
How cute are they???????? The dust like speck that you can see is edibile glitter so it all shimmers lovely. Anyway had an appointment today and took it in with me, Kate loved it and I hope her mum will too. I will be back tomorrow and I have something very exciting for you all on SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs M xxxx
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