Sunday, 23 August 2009

Just testing!!!!

Hello I am blogging !!!!!
Yes I know you're probably thinking SHE'S LOST IT!! she's been blogging for a while now, but let me tell you this is a different kind if blogging as is from my IPhone. I had one for about 2years now but no need to find out if I can blog from it as my wireless enabled laptop is surgically attached to me LOL. You see very soon I will be attending a very important event in the stamping world and that is the Stampin'Up Convention. This is another great reason to join SU, this truly is a fabulous three day event where you get the chance to interact with hundreds of other demoes, share and swap wonderful ideas, get to meet Shelli the CEO and co founder of SU, and just have the best time EVER !! The first European Convention will be held in Frankfurt/Germany!! Of course I cannot wait and this is the reason why I wanted to see if I can successfully blog from my phone, I wanted to be able to update you all from Frankfurt when and as things happen. Now I don't have any crafty pictures on the phone so I will have to settle with a few of my gorgeous little curly top for this post.

How cool does he look? Here he was trying my sunnies on

Cool little dude indeed. Ok fingers crossed this works now. Thank you for bearing with me hugs Monica xx
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  1. Aww isnt he shooting up, he is such a handsome little fella!

    And well done on conquering the mobile blogging! There'll be no stopping you now!

  2. What a dude!!! His curls are sooo cute! Z x

  3. Hi Mon - What a little cuttie - I bet you've had the best weekend ever with him!!
    Take Care - Ju xx

  4. He's a cutie!!

    Now that you have mastered it care to share!! LOL

  5. Ooh get you with iPhone blogging!!!

    Gorgeous pics too Moncia


    Jan xx

  6. What a cutie Monica! Thanks for the info about the Iphone...that's good to know!!!

  7. oh my he is the cutest...his eyes can melt your heart! WOW! Look at you go higher tech with blogging...cooooool. BUT PLEASE do not do this while driving ouch....could be a booboo. Looking forward to more goodies from you...hugs

  8. oooh, Convention in Germany sounds like so much fun!

  9. OMG Mon, he gets more cuter the older he gets! im sure he gets lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles from his lovely auntie! miss ya....


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