Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Home sweet...

Ahh is so good to be HOME!!! I love spending time away but is always so good to return to your own surroundings and sleep in your own bed (heaven). I mean talk about traumatic times LOL<>Before I lefy for my jolly I got to play with one of the new scrapping kits from the new catalogue, and oh my goody is delish. I took 20 minutes to whip those cards and little box up and 45 min to whip the cracker up LOL> In all fairness I was making it happen as I went along so I kinda had a lot of figuring out to do first.
It looks so very gorgeous and is so easy to work with. I am actually ordering another one for that last minute panic on Christmas Eve, when I realize number 24 have sent us a card this year and we didn't. All festive colours that you can't go wrong with and don't even get me started on the scrapbook pages I am going to make for my mum and my sister featuring our very own star Luca.
Now is been a while since I posted a cake and the week before I left for my holiday I had 2 Christening cakes to finish and boy was I stressing about it, it was when I managed to get that virus that affected my joints so it was a bit hairy at times but I managed to finish them in time thank goodness, and here 's one of them.

It was made for baby Faith, here's the card I made when she was born 9 weeks ago. Bottom tier was a pink madeira cake with white vanilla buttercream, and top tier a very indulging chocolate torte. I couldn't attend the event but I was told it went well and everyone enjoyed the cake. Righty then, I will be back with exciting happenings soon but till then BIG HUGS to you all, I am so glad to be back. Monica xx
ps. Only 4 places left in my new Virtual Hostess club, are you still thinking about it? xxx
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