Saturday, 26 September 2009

Stranded in Rotterdam

Yiiikes!! Our lovely 2 week break was coming to an end yesterday and what a fab time we had after the week in Cyprus meeting up with friends and family across Germany this last week. Firstly we travelled to Aachen and spent some time with my two gorgeous nieces then we headed up towards Haag in the ever so beautiful Bavaria and spent a few days with my good friend Claudia her husband and their 7 months old baby. Once again we took advantage of Clau's sister Adi and her Husband Felix hospitality in their beautiful home, visited a few lovely towns and Bavaria's biggest lake Chiemsee, indulged in a bit of shopping therapy before heading towards Wurzburg where we spent another day with Mona and her partner Douglas, again being spoilt with yummy food( Douglas is an expert cook and everything that came out of his kitchen was superb, how Mona manages to stay so thin with a cook like Douglas I'll never know. The weather was so nice I could have easily took advantage of their inviting swimming pool in the back garden. Yesterday came and we had to say goodbye to our friends and Germany and we set off to finish the 5.30 hour journey to Rotterdam where we had a lovely cabin booked on the overnight ferry to travel back home. Nearly three hours in and everything seemed fine but as we approached Düsseldorf we suddenly came to a halt. Something bad must have happened about 6km in front of us (the only bit that we understood from the MS 3 signs) and we were parked on that motorway for 3.30 hours. At this point we realized that unless a miracle happened we were never going to make the ferry in time. And we never did!!! we entering the port as the ferry was setting off we ended up being 35 min to late. Boo hooo we spent a night in a hotel nearby and here we are wasting a day doing nothing as we don't want to take any more chances and venture into Rotterdam in case anything else happens. So if you are waiting for me to get in touch with you please note that I am not home yet, and I am struggling with a painfully slow Internet connection. I am itching to get crafting so much. I did some crafting on my lap tray travelling but it was mainly assembling work for the organized swaps I am taking part for Convention next month and boy I'm I ready to go again LOL. So please keep everything crossed for me to make it home safe, hugs Monica xx
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  1. Oh no, hope you get back soon, safe and sound, have a good journey (for the rest of it

    Vicki x

    (just about to place my first SU order, Woo Hoo!)

  2. Awh Mon come home soon - the new catty's have arrived :D - we miss you :D

    Sounds like you had a blast even though you missed your boat ;D

  3. Oh no!!! I am sorry! But I am so happy you came to Haag to see us. We had such a wonderful time as always and I can't wait for next year. Take care and get home safe.

  4. Oh no Mon!! Hope you get home safe and sound 2nd time round, look forward to seeing you at convention too. Whooooo! xx

  5. Oh Monica, I thought you were already home safe as I saw an email come through yesterday afternoon - hope the rest of your trip home runs a little more smoothly.

    Pity about your glitch but apart from that it sounds like your holiday has been fun :O)

    Take care,


  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Monica - hope you make it back safely really soon!
    Hugs xxx

  7. Glad you got home safely (and not just because that meant we got to see your gorgeous demo on Monday! although I'm glad about that too.)



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