Saturday, 17 October 2009


Hello I know you will read this and you will feel for me especially if you've been there yourself. I am so very sorry that you visit me and there is nothing new, I do have loads of yum stuff to upload so I hope it wont be too long now.
My dear laptop is being looked at by my favorite IT geek, and I was horrified earlier when I went over to check on progress only to look at Paul pointing at no less than 5 little piles and referring to them as your laptop. WOT??????????? oh, it looked so wrong but I do hope he will manage to get me back on line by tomorrow. I am desperate as our winter edition of Stamp With US online classes kicks off tomorrow and I need my puter. Send me your positive vibes please, big hugs Monica xxx
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  1. MONICA - don't blinkin do titles like that - nearly give me heart attack before I read your post LOL!

    I am sure Mr Geek will have you sorted lickety split ;D

  2. oh Monica.. what ?? one lappy turned into 5?? How clever!!

    I hate it when my laptop dies, so now I have a backup. my everyday one and a spare!! lol.

    Hope you get it back soon. xx

  3. Oh no, when our computer died at home it was like everything else died with it (does that sound really
    Oh Monica hope he gets you back together soon:)

    Big hugs
    Vicki x

  4. hiya hun, know it sounds daft but have you tried loading your comp and when it starts pressing alt f10 same thing happended to me earlier this week and it takes you to recovery screen worth a try hunni xxx

  5. wishing your computer a speedy recovery!! if not, it's always a good excuse to get a brand new shiny one ;)

  6. Hi Monica,

    Being parted from your faithful lappy is almost like lthey have cut the umbellical cord :-) Hope it get fixed again real soon because I miss your messages :-(

  7. How sad - hope you get it back soon. Luckily I have the SU catalogue to go through a few more times before my first order!

  8. Ugh!!! Here's to a quick recovery for your laptop!

  9. Ow Monica,

    Isn´t this just to tear your hair out!! I had the same happen to me recently and IT WAS ALL MY OWN FAULT. I tried to update my laptop and it just crashed. Probably a virus. My clever son fixed it and it is operational again.


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