Sunday, 15 November 2009

Convention 2009 part 2.......

Hello I am still here, I haven't escaped somewhere exotic with my £1000 reward, although that's exactly what I am planning to do with the money, take my honey on holiday(at some point and he might have to subsidise it LOL). I had a busy week and then I got poorly not too bad( I think I managed to fight it) but enough to feel lifeless. I also think to be honest it was all the exhaustion and lack of sleep that just caught up with me. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely supporting comments on my blog and the wonderful emails you all sent me. I am extremely lucky and I am not taking it for granted.
I think I will carry on with the Convention updates( we crammed so much in those few days). It was wonderful to have 5 of my first level Passionettes and 6 of my lower levels travel to Germany. We all flew into Frankfurt on Thursday and that night with Zoe's help we organized a pj party in our room. We had a few guests as well Natalie and her lovely downline Kim and a lovely German demonstrator called Lisa who had the cutest bump and inside was little Pippa( Philipa), Pippa loved the awards night apparently LOL). It was a really lovely night helped by a few bottles of bubbly that I bought in the airport and forgot on the plane LOL, the stewardess had to chase me onto the shuttle bus (I was too giddy and too excited, so giddy that 30 minutes later I left my handbag with everything in on a bench in the airport, I know, I know I am a disaster, I did found the bag and everything was well again).
I wanted my Passionettes to travel in style for their first convention and here are the gifts I have made for them. A sweet suitcase filled with goodies needed for a weekend away. I used papers from the Kaleidoscope and Pink Flamingo collection. The pattern was designed by Natalie for Stamp With Us classes and it came in handy..very. Have a peep at what was inside
Some Molton Brown goodies ( love Molton Brown), mini toothpaste, a face cloth a bath twizller and some yummy choccies. I am kicking myself as I haven't got a picture of the gifts I made for my other girlies you see I was still assembling them on our way to the airport

My gift for Zoe my lovely roomie

Inside this box was Burt's Bees Tips 'n' Toes Hands and Feet kit. Everything a girl needs to keep herself moisturized without carrying a load of bottles, I take one with me everywhere I go. Note the yummy ribbon? I used my markers to add some Pink Passsion to the black and white wide ribbon, you need to use the brush tip and drag it across the white strip, make sure to only add ink to the centre and not to close to the edges ( this will prevent bleeding), while drying the ink will spread across leaving you with perfectly inked ribbon that looks gorgeous.
Elegant Eggplant, Pink Passion, Old Olive is the colour combo. I will share the gift I received from Zoe in my next post is to die for.

Next my swaps, I made 180 of them to swap with my fellow demonstrators

6" clear rulers backed with some of our yummy designer paper. They took me very little time to make until it got to the eyelet setting( that took a while and nearly killed my hands), I have to say a huge thanks to lovely Paula my friend and downline who helped me finished them, what a sweetie she was, the cute bucket is also hers, she couldn't make it to the Convention but her orange bucket did.

My 3 d swaps

I designed those for our last round of SWUS and they were so well received. They are made from SU's widest twill tape, stamped, stitched and filled with a mixture of spices. I used cinnamon bark, whole cloves, cardamon pods and star anise and I use mine as a car freshener so much nicer than anything I could ever buy. A lot of people asked if you could fill them with lavender seeds, you could however because the twill is quite thick the smell might not be as strong. You could use those silica gel grains along with your favourite pure essential oil.

I think I better wrap this up now I will share more next time, but before I go I want to show you my special gifts I received. Last year if you remember the top achievers got Tiffany gifts well this year we got Burberry. Honestly this is one amazing company to work for. take a look at those lovely things I brought home from Frankfurt
A lovely scarf (so very soft and delicate), a gorgeous bowling bag this the coated canvas type so very nice indeed and I also got a lovely necklace in pewter, that colour is very in in jewellery apparently. Hmm just how posh will I look this Christmas all dolled up in my lovely Burberry?

Speak soon, big hugs Monica xxx

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  1. Monica you are a very clever girl!!

  2. Gorgeous gifts for your first level downline, you really were a busy bee, I have a photo of the gifts you made for me and the other 2nd lines, it is on my blog, help yourself :0) they were lovely and I don't want to use them lol! Thanks x and I just LOVE the sachets you made for the 3d swap, I sooo wish I had joined in that one, well I will next year, Bye for now,
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  3. Lovely gifts all round :) Your ladies are very lucky. Molton Brown is just scrumptious.

    After your last post about the sanitary towels under the arms I now have visions of menopausal ladies in the midst of hot flushes grabbing for their tenas and shoving them under their jumpers :)

  4. Monica its all amazing! I want to make one of the rulers for my little girl - how did you adhere the paper without it showing?! Thanks!

  5. So many lovely things in one post! Love the little suitcases-yummy chocolate. Your pink stripe ribbon is ingenious! The twill spice bag-fabulous! Hope you get some rest and are ready to go!!!

  6. Hi Monica,

    Hope you are feeling well. I am not surprised at all that you won!!

  7. Oh Monica, how beautiful were the gifts you made.
    I am sure every one who had recived them just adored them .
    And of cause A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU , well done ..

  8. Wow Monica. Love all these little gifts you made for your girls. I love Molton Brown too! Sounds like you had a fab time in germany, I know Jules did! Congrats on your awards!
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~x

  9. So glad you're feeling better - you work too hard ;) Such gorgeous gifts - you clever girl! x

  10. Woweee Molton Brown a fave of mine too!!

    and just look at all thos e lushoius creations too!!

    Well my dear a fabulous night it were too on Thursday very welcoming indeedy, and you truly desrve the gorgeous Burberry items too!! Well done you!

  11. wow Monica those suitcases you made were fab and the contents divine, love the little cup cake look - you have some very lucky ladies. Glad you got some lovely goodies yourself - pass the bag to me when you tire of it!


  12. Lovely gifts Monica - the girls must have been delighted!

  13. Hi Monica,
    the idea with the rulers is faboulus!! I didn´t get one as I run out with my swaps really early but I saw them and already copied them :) Unfortunatly we don´t get these rulers in Germany but something that is nearly as good as yours - but just with cm on it ...
    Thanks a lot for this great idea and it was really nice to meet you in Bad Homburg (I was one of these who asked you how to glue the paper on the ruler and asked for an autograph ;-) )
    Best regards

  14. What inspiration!


  15. Maybe coming to Seattle with those money?? :) Absolutely beautiful. Everything. You are so talented. Love the Molton Brown little goodies. Take care, love Clau

  16. Hey Monica!
    Congrats on your awesome achievements girl!!!! I'm so happy for you & privileged to *know* such a talented demo!!!! I hope your success continues Sweetie!!!!!

  17. OMG ... never thought to do that with the stripey ribbon! Fantastic idea!!!

  18. Gorgeous gifts and Swaps Monica

    I lurve Molton Brown, in fact I think every girl does!! given me an idea or two for Xmas pressies

    I love the swaps, how did you stick the paper onto the clear ruler??? and attach the eyelet??

    You really did deserve the gorgeous Burberry items you've put so much work in this year - Well done you!


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