Monday, 9 November 2009


Hello and I am sorry. Technology cannot be trusted and the last two posts were not supossed to be there for the whole weekend. But that's where they ended up( I will explain later) and I want to thank you for your funny comments. I want to also warn you that this post will be very long and very photo heavy, make yourself comfy and ask a loved one to make you a nice cuppa. You will thank me as you read on but make sure you won't be spilling it over the screen when you come to read a particular piece about my unbelievable experience at Convention.
I have returned form our very first European StampinUp! Convention in Frankfurt and WOW!! What a weekend! I cried and laughed and hugged and cheered and talked until I lost my voice and I loved meeting so many happy and wonderful people that share their excitement about this wonderful company. I met german demos and french demos and they were all wonderful, we were made very welcome by our german hosts, I met the Monacco trip achievers and I am wishing my life away untill June when we can meet again. The highlight however was the Awards night. It was truly amazing and I was honoured and humbled to have been awarded **Demonstartor of the Year* for the whole of the UK.

This is of course a wonderful achievement and it was the result of a lot of hard work over this last year but I loved every minute of it so thank YOU my loyal customers and my wonderful team members for choosing me as your demonstrator and your team leader, I will work double hard this next year to continue to inspire, lead you and serve you . As nice as taking the top spot was I have to tell you that I was even more excited to cheer my wonderful team, there were 6 of us making top 25!!!!
We had Linda Lloyd ranking at number 9, Rebecca Prideaux number 16, Sally Hodder was number 18 and the lovely Tricia Ablett number 20. Just amazing I was beaming with pride that night I can tell you. And what could have topped me getting first place? One of my Passionettes coming second!! and lo and behold my wonderful Yorkshire lass Jules did just that, you should have hear the cheers in the room she is so loved by everyone, a real sweetheart. The next photo of us together on stage shows just how happy I was for her ( thank you JO for your wonderful pictures), click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Here are the top 3 recruiters, Jules came first ( she had such a great year and she worked really hard, I love this girl to bits), I came second and Amanda Fowler took third place( Amanda looked beautiful in her lovely dress and she had this amazing pair of red sparkly shoes, gorgeous!!). All Julie could say on the stage was I can't believe it!!! and then later on I feel like Miss World!! LOL well she definitely looked gorgeous and her beautiful smile showed how happy and excited she was, and I was grateful she was there with me. The top 3 sales spots were taken as follow

The wonderful and ever so talented Jenni Moors came first, I came second and my Julie came third( I was on cloud nine by this point).

Here s the picture of all the European top sales achievers ( the ones that attended Convention of course, I think there are a few missing)

Next we had leadership
Leadership is awarded based on promotions within your team. I ranked 1st, Caroline Counsell came second and Amanda Fowler came 3rd. I was doing a few bearthing excersises at this point hence the wierd photo LOL>

It did all get a bit too much at one point, and yes my mascara ended up all over.

And then they announced their top 3 Demonstrators of the Year.

And here we are the 3 of us. Myself first, Julie second and Amanda third, along with the most wonderful woman that created the opportunity for us to be part of this amazing company, Shelli Gardner co-founder and CEO of Stampin'Up! She is so elegant and the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Her smile touches your heart. We shared a few quick and funny stories as I was running towards the stage each time my name was shouted, not because I couldn't wait to get there but because that was the only way for me to make it safe and in one piece. I was wearing a pair of very high heels and the floor was extremely slippery. She said that I was cute and that I would end up exhausted by the end of the night. Sterling (Shelli's husband) also made a sweet comment and he said that I should stop up there with him to save me doing all that running about. I know this post will bore some of you as is all be about myself and my wonderful team's achievements but please know that I didn't put it on here to boast but to share it with all of you that supported me and to show those that are thinking of becoming demonstrators that it can be done. You can achieve great things running your own business and I am living proof of it. When I joined nearly two years ago I couldn't believe that I would be able to sell £250 worth of goodies and was convinced that I would be my only customer, well I proved myself so wrong. If you are reading this and you are thinking of becoming a Stampin'Up! demonstrator send me an email at, I would love to have a word and welcome you to the most successful team in the UK, take the plunge and become a Passionette!!! you have nothing to loose only a lot to gain, what s even more exciting the starter kit is on special offer right now( you get £240 worth of goodies for only £125 until the 13th of this month and you could recoup your investment in just a few workshops.)

Now before I leave I have a very funny story to share with you. You probably noticed my beautiful outfit (well I thought it was), here I am with the gorgeous Zoe my roomie. She had an amazing night herself, she found out she ranked at number 22 a lovely surprise, and I was so happy to be able to share it with her.

My outfit, I felt really good wearing it, it was comfortable but still I thought it looked elegant, the top was from Coast, my silk trousers were Armani (got to love designer outlets) and my beautiful shoes were from LK Benett. Well we got ready on the night, then made our way downstairs for the awards dinner. We got a table we sat down and started talking and enjoying the evening. About 10 minutes in I could feel myself getting quite hot, you need to know that I survived the whole week prior to Convention on very little sleep as well as the night before I didn't get to bed till 4am, mix that with excitement and nerves and you've got it. I could feel my arm pits getting wet, my beautiful burnt orange tafetta jacket didn't stick a chance at hiding the evidence and when I asked the girls who sat opposite me they confirmed my fears, I was sporting two lovely wet patches, yukk. So I knew something had to be done and before desert was served I sneaked upstairs to sort myself out. My wonderful roomie Zoe offered to help me and I was so grateful. You need to picture myself with my arms up in the air and Zoe using the hairdryer to dry the patches, it was amazing just how quick that happened and in less than 30 seconds I was dry and with no sign that anything ever happen. However, I knew I needed something more than that if I wanted to secure a worry free night. In a desperate attempt we searched for something that I could use to absorb the extra moisture but we weren't having any luck. You see we were missing some kind of sticky tape. I mentioned the word plaster and Zoe said I am a doctor's wife after all, let me see if I can find something in my bag. She disappeared back in the room only to return and say

**I couldn't find any plasters but I have found this...........holding up in the air for me to catch a good glimpse of  was...... a SANITARY TOWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked at it in disbelief but very quickly realised that this was my only viable option at the time so we got a pair of SU snips (we had the bloomin snips but no glue can you believe it?), cut the wings off, chopped the pad in half and secured it to my pits. I am so pleased to report that they worked just fine and I felt confident the whole night hugging Shelli and the other achievers, no one suspected a thing but can you just imagine if one would have dropped off.......while I took to the stage.

Big hugs and lots of love Monica xxxx

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  1. Congratulations!!! So well deserved! I'm really happy for you!

  2. Wow Monica! What an experience! Congratulations to you and your wonderful team!

  3. Monica,

    You are so very funny and a delight to meet, finally. Huge congratulations on your achievement this last year, may it continue. Hugs Jenny x

  4. Great to read your summary of the event, I too am ready to write something but worried about seeming like I'm boasting! It was fantastic to meet you, well done and roll on Monaco!

  5. OOoops, forgot to say I laughed out loud when I read about your sweaty problem, who'd have thought it!

  6. LMAO ... I love your story at the end!

    Big congrats Monica to you and all the other lovely ladies. You all deserve it. And I can only imagine how hard you've worked this year. It's a pleasure being on your team.

    Teri xx

  7. Hi Monica,
    Very Well done you!!!!
    you must be over the moon - is it true you are now called "Tenna Pits" how funny i am sitting here laughing and now need to rush to loo you are so funny!!
    congrats on your great success
    Suzie Qx

  8. Wow Monica ..... an absolute amazing achievement for you all. Well done and may you continue to do so well.

    Hugs Pam xx

  9. Oh Honey Well Done! you thoroughly deserve it. Oh I did laugh about the sanetary towels. Fancy not having any glue! Only You could do this.

  10. oh Monica. You do make me giggle.. lol.. ST's under the AP's indeed!!! lol. .

    glad you had a great time, and although I probably don't contribute to your team as much as others, I'm still so proud to be part of it.

    love Jo x

  11. Oh Monica I am sat here crying with laughter - you are sooo funny. And very brave to share your story with us - but that is what makes you - you! I was so pleased to hear about your (& your teams) achievements, All your hard work and enthusiasm has paid off, very well deserved. Here's to being at the next one.

  12. Roflol omg Monica my sides are hurting way to go girl. Firstly ccan i say no one would ever think yu were boasting as we know how hard you work with SU. and secondly huge huge congratulations honey and very well deserved.

  13. I'm so happy to met you... You're so nice and dynamic. I really appreciate yourself and your creations.
    See you in London next year...
    Vanou (Vanessa Wirckel)

  14. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I'm so thrilled for you & your team, you're a wonderful woman and an amazing inspiration to us all & I truly appreciate the support & advice you have given to me on ILWS (and the phone of course). Huge congrats on all your awards, and I love your story with the ever resourceful Zoe!

    JayJay xx

  15. Awh Mon - you are a true SUPERSTAR, you are such a super talented creative lady with a personality that sky rockets enthuisiasm. We all love you dearly for your inspiration and motivtion :D

    Congratulations my sweet :D

  16. LOL! What a fantastic armpit story and one that I can relate to too! Congratulations on all of your achievements, you're a star. x

  17. Hello Monica,
    Congratulations! Lokk at may blog today. I love your swap!
    I hope I can see you next year in London!
    Greetings from Germany!
    Helga (Sweet Flowers ;))

  18. My darling Mon, some would say I was deranged to share a room with you, but it was the best decision ever for many reasons. You are so much fun, you and your fab team made me feel so welcome, we had so many laughs and sharing in yours and your teams success only made my humble efforts even more exciting. I can't wait to be roomies again in London Baby. I'm truly thrilled for you and all the other winners. Such a great family that we all belong to. Many, many hugs Zx

  19. WELL DONE! That is fabulous news and I am very pleased for you (and delighted you are my demo).
    LOL at the sanitary towel! As the story was progressing I thought you were going to put breast pads!
    Sharon B

  20. Congratulations on your achievement......your story really made me laught re;arm0pits.....and of course I just love your blog.


  21. Congratulations Monica. I am chuffed to bits that your hard work has been recognised by Stampin Up. It is definitely well deserved.

    Anna xx

  22. Congratulations to You and your Passionettes, such well deserved awards.

    I haven't had the pleasure of meeting You yet but fingers crossed one day.


  23. Oh Babe you did wear them

    Well done to you and your team Fantastic achievements and it has inspired me to knock me socks off and join you next year!!

  24. congrats on all your successes Monica - very well done. Your story made me laugh.
    hugs Linbyx

  25. Congratulations monica,
    it couldn't have happened to a
    nicer person, thanks for all the
    insparation the last 18 months


  26. Oh Monica you are such a Only a crafter could and would probably have thought of that one! Congrats on your fabulous achievements - well deserved! and so glad you made this post, it was nice to read about the goings

    Big hugs
    Vicki x

  27. Firstly SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS and I am glad to be a tiny part of your downline. Well done Monica!

    Secondly - what are you like with the armpits/sanitary towel thing? ROFL - such a funny story.

  28. OMG, you're wild! Hope your blouse wasn't ruined as it's gorgeous. Many many congratulations to you and your team for all the awards. Well done for all your hard work.

  29. congrats on your acheivements! Your story at the end was rather funny (in hindsight! I'm sure it didn't feel like it at the time), but what I find funniest is earlier this year I picked up a Better Homes & Gardens (not sure if you have that over there) bag at a craft show and it was packed full of goodies, including under arm absorbant pads... for men! I guess your story is proof that women don't need an extra product marketed to them, they are resourceful enough to figure something out ;)

  30. Congratulations Monica on such a fantastic year. Enjoy Monaco.

    Jayne (fellow Australian demonstrator)

  31. And now the whole world knows!!!! HAHAHAAHA.. Thats too funny!
    But seriously, congratulations to you and one of these days when they have a giant SU get together from all over the world (in my dreams) I hope to meet you. :-)

    Linda Higgins
    (another Australian SU Demonstrator)

  32. Mon, it can only happen to you! lol

    Congrats my sweet, you've done so well and it was such a please to meet you.



  33. Big big congratulations to you and the team, Monica
    Your story was hilarious and you're very brave to share that with us all.
    I love anyone who can laugh at themselves.


  34. such fantastic news Monica - congratulations on your well deserved success. and i laughed so much at the last part i nearly cried!!

  35. OMG Monica... sanitary towels! That's so funny... Congratulations on ALL of your awards.. you work so hard, you deserve every one of them.

  36. Well done again Monica and congratulations on all that you achieved at convention. It was a fab weekend and I can't wait until 'London Baby'

    Emma xx

  37. Huge congratulations 'mummy mon' !!!! I'm so very very proud to be a passionette & you certainly deserve all the recognition & awards you got at convention!

    Love the armpit story! It puts a whole new meaning in you "ALWAYS" being there for us passionettes :))

    lots of love as always,
    Clair (& Sharni & ickle Sofie too!!)

  38. Hi Monica
    Congrats!!!!! well done you deserve it your cards are amazing, you blog Fabulous>>>your videos soooo helpful.. wish i lived near you and come to one of your classes.. as i live in Gibraltar no hope of that....
    Sylvie xxx
    well done ....
    Ihave all your cards you have made on ain a folder on my comp for inspiration and you give heaps of that ...thanks......

  39. Way to Go Monica!
    No. 1 Demo is quite an achievment and took a great deal of work. You deserve it.
    I love your outfit you wore at the awards ceremony; you look very elegant.

  40. Monica - congratulations to you and your team. Well done.
    I am crying with laughter at your story. Ingenuity at its best !

  41. CONGRATULATIONS on your many well deserved awards Monica! You are a lovely person and after all your hard work it really is a wonderful recognition for you!!!!

    PMSL at your story and thinking if they had come loose.. but great thinking as well.

  42. Monica I am so very happy for you. You have inspired me across the pond and deserve the recognition you received at convention for all of your hard work and sharing. CONGRATS!!!!! ~Donna

  43. Hi Monica - me again.

    I have left something for you on my blog.


  44. Congratulations!!! you make me laugh. well done you deserved all your awards, your cards are so amazing , videos so helpful.
    Hugs Alice x

  45. Congratulations Monica - you deserve all those accolades.
    Your blog and crafting are an inspiration to so many :)
    Perhaps you should patent your 'Underarm Absorbers' and sell them to Coast - hee hee !
    Your outfit was gorgeous.

  46. A great big Congratulations to a well deserved honor! Loved your funny story-we women are ever so resourceful are we not????

  47. Necessity is the mother of invention - maybe you could add the 'new' item to your sales pitch!

    WELL DONE on your success - well deserved.


  48. OMG that's brilliant, and so blummin' honest too. Well done on all your awards and your team too, shame there wasn't an award for most ingenious creation!!!!



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