Thursday, 25 March 2010

And I lived to tell the tale..

Hello guys. Phew it feels like is been ages (but then again it has been) since I last updated this blog. As you know our Stamp With us Retreat took place this last weekend and what a weekend it was!! I loved it but then I knew I would do because of what we had planned for those attending I was so giddy the week before I couldn't wait. Organizing a Retreat is never an easy job (in fact it took me till today to properly recover and get back to normal LOL) but is a job that's worth doing for sure. Seeing our delegates happy and smiling faces for the entire duration, reading all the positive comments on our feedback forms, opening emails that had warm words and high praise confirmed to us once again that what we did, we did right and everyone had a blast.

I loved the classes we presented this time round, they were varied and gorgeous and you can see a few of mine in the collages. We spoilt the delegates with pillow gifts and handmade personalized aprons and freebies, the hotel was lovely very comfy with yummy food and plenty of it, it truly was a perfect weekend with the perfect atmosphere everyone got on so well it was great to see.

I think is safe to say that we will organize another one later this year so mark 4th of September in your calendars for now and we will release the full details early next week.
So what do I have for you today? well one of my classes was based on making your own jewellery, I screamed with delight when I completed the first pair of earrings made with our stunning filigree brads.

How gorgeous are these? they are so wearable and I have lots of pairs already. They are easy to make and they will make perfect inexpensive gifts for girl friends. I went ahead and put together 6 kits that you can to make your own earrings for a cool £ 17.50. You could make 8 pairs of earrings( 4 pairs big, and 4 pairs small) with the kit and you will have loads left over.
Here are the colour combinations and for now I only have one kit of each combo so you need to be quick.

I have paired them and named them to make it easier for you when choosing. From top left we have
Would you like to have them all? You can for £35 you will get to make 16 pairs in colours of your choice. Full instructions with step by step photos will be provided with the kits but you have to be quick. Email me at with your chosen choice. Speak soon hugs xxx
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  1. Looks absolutely fantastic Mon! Well done, fantastic projects.

    J x

  2. Wow you look like you had a good time at a very nice place. Love those earrings, very pretty. Love the look of all the other things too

  3. Ohhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I can't look!! ****** hands over eyeballs****

  4. ooooooooooooh that looks like a fabulous weekend. I wonder if I can manage to get to your next one

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Those projects are beautiful, love the bright colours!!
    Angela x


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