Sunday, 20 June 2010

Incentive Trip Day 2 continued

My blogger app is having a hissy fit so I will continue with the main course

White fillet of fish with Bergamot infused fennel. It tasted so fresh and it was so expertly cooked.


It tasted as good as it looks. I just didn't want this day to end I really didn't. We found Heaven indeed at the Chateau on top of the Village Eze.
We ended the meal with coffee and more little treats

Check out the sugar selection

Cute huh?
Like all good things that have to end before we knew it it was time to leave and check those shops on the way down.
Back to the hotel we had not long to get changed before headed out for dinner at the Famous Cafe Du Paris which quickly ended up our friendly local. I had steak tartare and it was just lovely.
Ok pj party and pillow gifts next xxxxx

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  1. Hi Monica
    you look as if you had a fab time looked at the pickies from Julie you both look stunning
    sylvie xxxxx

  2. You guys look and sound like you've been having so much fun!


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