Friday, 18 June 2010

Incentive Trip Day 1

I am having such a wonderful time on this trip and it still feels like I am in a dream from which don't want to waje up. Myself and Julie set off yesterday morning from Leeds Bradford airoport with direction Amsterdam where we met the gorgeous Dawn Silver and soon after boarded a flight for Nice. It was getting more excited by the minute with all three of us speculating what SU have got in store for us I have to mention how incrediblyy proud I was of Julie my Downline for being incredibly relaxed on both flights, she is very much
anxious about flying but she coped so well, I was gripping her hand tighter than she was that's for sure .
As we started descending this unfolded before our eyes

The most beautiful view of this gorgeous part of the world.
We were besides ourselves at this point and after collecting our luggage we literally ran outside to see who was there to greet us.
We quickly spoted our Rep and our driver Hans that I kept insisting in calling Frank much to the girls dismay LOL
Well I did so only because quite frankly he looked more as a Frank than a Hans ( Julie and Dawn were killing themselves laughing by this time)
After a 40 min. drive in a posh black Mercedes and a few conversations which were rapidly going downhill, we arrived in style at the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed at.
It just looks just like an Italian Palazzo so very beautiful.

My Lordy the cars parked outside were like ermm ....... This

Nice huh ?
Now I am blogging from my phone so understandbly the quality of pictures just isn't there so I just cannot share pictures of the hotel but I will share more detailed pictures once I am back.
What I do need to tell you is that as you entered the lobby the first thing you noticed was that the place smelled absolutely divine, and I mean real expensive GOOD perfume divine.
As we were checking in we had Dave Baugh greeting us shortly followed by the wonderful Shelli.
I was nearly in tears to see her welcoming smile and feel her arms around me. She truly makes you feel so welcomed instantly.
We then met Kelly who organized this whole trip and who handed out those gorgeous
Boxes filled with the most delicious macaroons.

Now I cannot yell you how those delicious treats are my fave ever and before thw lift stopped on the 5th floor three of them were dping a happy dance inside my mouth.
Ok so the first stop was my room for a nosey and a chat.
Now I will take photos of my room tomorrow for you all to see because within seconds I jumped onto the luxurios bed then started unpacking.
Five minutes later we were joined by the lovely Natalie closely followed by Paula our wonderful country manager. This was turning into quite a party already.

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  1. Sounds fab and can't wait to see and here more about it. You deserve it all of you, x

  2. fantastic to read monica, enjoy every moment xx caz

  3. Ooh Monica - sounds amazing! Have a fabby, fabby time, you really deserve to be spoiled rotten. Can't wait to hear more of your experiences!



  4. Love hearing about your trip and seeing these photos. So glamarous, I love it. Hope you have a wonderful time

  5. Oh Monica, you do make me laugh! I can't believe how beautiful it looks! But you all thoroughly deserve it, enjoy! (And say hello to everyone else for me) Can't wait for convention now :) xx

  6. OMG love, have a fabby time you deserve it. Looking foward to seeing more photos when you get back.

  7. Oh ooooHH OOOOOOHHHHHH THERE'S MY CAR, whatever is it doing there!!!


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