Sunday, 20 June 2010

Incentive Trip Day 2

Is still very much Bonjour from me!!!
My Goodness this trip is just out of this world.
After the wonderful welcome dinner last night I was so excited I could barely sleep in fact I was writing in my diary at 3.30 am then the next thing I knew was someone knocking at my door. It was the lovely Dawn expecting me to be ready for breakfast. I only set my alarm wrong???!!!?!
We had the most delicious breakfast served after which we headed for the medieval village of Eze.
The first stop was a perfume workshop at the famous Fragonard perfume house. We had to mix our own fragrance using no less than 12 essential oils. I have to say it was such a fab experience

I called mine Eau De Monico (predictible moi?) and to be honest I know now why it takes 10 years to train as a fragrance designer, my ended up
more like an insect repellent that something you would actually consider wearing. Sterling chose the best name he called his creatipn Fragrance de Crapola. Hee hee... Is been lovely to get to know Sterling a bit on this trip, I discovered that he is witty and he would rather have spagetti instead of fish (check the menu) him and Shelli they really are the perfect couple.
After this we had a guided tour of the factory and some shopping time.
We then climbed the road to Heaven I was sure of it LOL
The views were spectacular history evident at every turn and the shops were enticing with lovely wares.
Nothing prepared us for the Chateau Eza the most wondeful restaurant ever and we were going to have lunch here.

Check that view!! It was as spectacular as the food that was served to us.
I have never experienced silver dome service ( I know there is a proper word fir it but I cannot think of it right now )

White asparagus soup with mushroom cake and Argan oil. OMG it was so exquisite I could have had that 3 times over.
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