Thursday, 22 July 2010

Now then....

I have been a stranger all right, huh?
You know I mentioned my throat infection last time I blogged? well it really took hold of me and I was completely out of action all last week which is never good especially when you haven't planned taking a week off IYKWIM. A few trips to doc. plus a dreaded antibiotics course, lemon, honey, throat lozenges, gargles with various remedies and only this last Monday I started feeling like I was getting better.
I have tons to share so hopefully things will get back to normal around here as I really missed my blogging!!

On Sunday we had our Quarterly Team Training Event and I was determined to be there, what a FAB we had!!!.
 I planned on being a bit more quiet then normal just so I don't put more strain on my vocal cords and did you think it happened? I was sounding terrible by the end of the day HAHA.

We had such a BLAST it really was a fabulous day. Lovely swaps, lovely demonstrations and lovely people whom I love dearly, some from our extended team and some from other teams all coming together and having a FUN day. Here's some of the fab things we got up to and some of the projects.
First the demos
Carole showed us how to use the Icicle rub ons and acetate, she also demoed those fabulous glitter baubles I LOVE them !!

How fabulous do they look? and you need to believe that they are even better IRL>
Her table looked gorgeous as well with lots of card samples here's just 3 of them, I love the acetate windows one
I cannot believe how quick these cards could come together, I have a good friend and customer Alison who loves rub ons, raves about them and uses them all the time, I am  now a convert after seeing those lovely samples, thank you Carole for inspiring me with those rub ons that I don't seem to ever want to use..

Marlene demoed some of the most beautiful sculpted flowers
I was in heaven watching her table everything looked so delicate and lovely.
My fave item from her table ( it was hard to choose) was this lovely cone
Can you just imagine these doted about in your home around Christmas time? hanged from a door handle maybe? lush !!
What about this?Lovely colours, note how Marlene used the bird wing from the Extra Large Bird Punch to add the leaves to the roses.
You need a special card this Christmas?
How about this beauty? Love it, is so very elegant and deffo special!!
Thank you so much Marlene for your demo on the day, fab stuff!!! xx
I love learning from our team they are such a FAB bunch of talented girls!! I will show you the swaps soon THEY ARE AMAZING !!

Next I will share some of the projects we did
First one a simple brayering technique

Bashful Blue with a hint of chocolate and plenty of dazzling diamonds. Dasher made an appearance of course I just love him!!.
Second card was a Christmas card using a non Christmassy set .
This is my fave purely because I love Sage Shadow. We added glue dots to the bare branches and doused them with glitter, lovely effect so very sparkly.

Next Bekka designed  a wonderful Planner made from envelopes so clever and so very cute.
I pinched those pics from Bekka's blog, here's the covers
and here's a picture of the inside
I cannot wait to make my own version. Perfect to help you with all the preparations during the festive season, lots of room for lists and receipts even secret pockets.
The last project was a home decor banner.
It turned out so pretty I will definitely offer this as a local class as is one of those items you could easily use or make as a gift for someone.
We used the lovely and very festive Christmas Jingle Scrapping kit and we had tons left over, those kits are amazing value.
I am going to leave you with a funny picture, I wish I could have shared pictures of all the girls there on the day but I am aware this post is already picture heavy and you might be already bored, however I just need to share this one with you because no matter where you go there's always ONE isn't it?
Carol, Victoria, Vannessa and Lindsey 
Love crafters as most of them are just as crazy if not more than I am.
Till next time BIG HUGS xxxx

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  1. see now I wish I had done 'bunny ears' behind Carols head! Fab pics from a wonderful day - thank you

  2. What lovely things you've shown us Monica. Hope you are feeling much better now. Love that dasher cards with the trees in the background - SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I'm gonna have to use/borrow that design for my some of my crimbo cards!

  3. lol Victoria! It looks like it was a great day - I do love the home decor banner! x

  4. i cant believe you put that piccie on your blog - just you wait, i'll get my own back ;)

  5. Glad you are feeling better and wow what fab creations, love them all.
    Louise xx


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