Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Helloooo there my lovelies.
 Oooooh Aaaahhhh.... I am gliding on clouds this morning because I finally got to see THE NEW CATALOGUE going live 1st Ocotber. All I can say is HURRY UP 1ST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You will absolutely love the new book it is bigger for starters and it has sooooo much new and exciting stuff in. I got my large ish preorder in and now I am chomping my finger nails waiting for it all to arrive. Is just like Christmas only better, SO MUCH BETTER LOL.
HOWEVER  let's not get too caught up because THE RETIRING LIST  is up today and is  B.I.G!!

Seven pages big and I know from past years that popular items don't last for very long, and because of that if your favourite is on this list  ORDER IT NOW do not leave it till later as it might be too late. I am placing orders for the retired list every day so email me at and make sure your favourite is in the bag. There are some really good deals on the list as well with some items being a cool 50% off so be quick!! You can Click below to see this year
 I also need to tell you that prices are increasing a bit with the arrival of the new book so if you're eyeing out something it will be cheaper to get it in September so that's another thing to consider.
I am looking forward placing your orders against the clock, Big hugs Monica xx
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