Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Preparing for the Awards night....

Helloooooo, I think if you are a woman you will totally get this post. My title says it all really,
in about a week's time I will be attending the most important event in the SU world,
our Annual European Convention.
This year Convention is on home ground, is being held at the fabulous Addington Palace London.
The place looks incredible and to say I am excited is an understatement.
 And while I still have far to much to do before I am ready for this event,
 there are a few things I have sorted, like my wardrobe (most important right? LOL),
my downline gifts and a tiny bit of swap work done. And talking about my wardrobe,
guess what I have to share with you today? A crafty video,
 but not one that you would normally get to view when visiting my blog. 
While during the day I will wear smart casual and comfy outfits AWARDS night is special.
This is the night we all get to dress up to the nines and enjoy a fab meal in wonderful company,
and watch those being recognized for their achievements walk the stage. 
I am a proper girly girl and I love clothes, make up, perfume, shoes, handbags you get the picture
I am sure.
I am also a fan of bling, a bit of a magpie really if it shines and sparkles I'm IN !!
A while ago I fell in love with a pair of shoes, very pretty and with lots of texture just how I like my shoes but with a handsome price tag.
Have a peek HERE, I was coveting the same pair but in black. 
I was all set to buy them but decided against it, once I realised that
I really didn't need another pair of black shoes. 
So instead I decided to get creative and customise a pair I already had.
I bought those shoes in Wallis before last Christmas,
I wore them once at hubby's Christmas party then once more in Monacco this June.
Well somehow I managed to damage the heel ( it must have been the one cocktail at an eye popping 20euros LOL ).
So I set to work to transform them... have a look

I am so pleased with how they turned up, I do still covet the ones in the link
but that £150 will buy quite a few presents this Christmas. 
I bought my crystals and the glue from here .
Now if you want to have a good laugh at my expense have a look at this post,
  Convention in Germany 2009.
Till next time HUGS xx
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  1. amazing shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG !!!! can't wait to see you at the convention

  2. OMG, how clever are you! They look amazing Monica, as good as new!
    Need to get my skates on and choose something to wear!

    See you soon

    Vicki x

  3. Oooooooooo I say Monica those shoes go with my

    A fabulous video, you are such an inspiration my friend! Can't wait to see you tooter across that stage many many times!

  4. Wow!!!! thay look fab, can't wait to see the sparkle as you walk on stage at convention!! Only 1 week to go.
    Sarah xx

  5. They look fab! I have the towels ready, I have spare glue, hairdryer for the pits and pain killers! Do I need anything else??? Frock I guess! Zx

  6. Wow that's a great shoe makeover!! Hope you have a great time x

  7. Those shoes now look amazing, very clever and can see I will be having a go at this and my mobile phone too. Thanks and see you next week

  8. Your shoes are gorgeous with those wow sparkles, you are going to sparkle and shine all night!! I can't wait to hear about convention Dawn x

  9. What patience you have Monica to stick all those crystals on, but the effect is stunning. IMO they look better than the shoes you would like from an impact point of view.

  10. Great shoes. I can't wait to meet you and those shoes. X

  11. My dear friend Monica, I am so happy to see you at the Convention in London! I do not know why I do not see any picture, but I know you look great : I hope to have some more good times with you in the UK.

    hugs xx


  12. Monica - you have the patience of a Saint. The shoes look amazing.
    Good Luck at the Convention.


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