Monday, 21 March 2011


Hello there WOWEEE we had such a good weekend, tiring and hard work and it gave me a sore throat and a chesty cough but I loved it so much it was BRILL;
The stand
stand 1We had SO many samples on display crafters couldn’t quite believe it and they ended up coming back more than just one time. If you are one of my blog readers THANK YOU FOR POPPING BY AND SAYING HELLO, I loved meeting you all.
The tree … can you see the tree? OMG let me tell you this was the baine of our lives, heavy cos I added lots of cement to the pot and awkward but it looked fabulous and it will look even better on our NEC stand next weekend as it will have lots more birds on it, we had lots of compliments on it, thank you :).
We had  a display stand to the left, next a browsing and ordering station then product and sample display area  and at the other end our demo table.
THE TEAM, and what a team let me tell you..
my girls
Lovely Jo, Ali and Linz. Preparing and working on these events is hard work and is so easy to become cranky and moody when you get tired, I can honestly say that I loved working with these girls so much, not even when the going got tough did they show any of the above signs, they are truly fabulous and I love them. I am so grateful to each of them, I am also grateful to those that helped me and supported me behind the scenes you know who you are girls, a massive THANK YOU to you all.
Help hired
And at the end of the day we were very tired, so we got smart and hired the staff from the show to help us clean our stamps *smile*,  bless his little cotton socks, he was such a good sport we did tell him he would be famous.
My fave picture was from Sunday, while the main show awarded their prizes it got a bit quiet on the stalls so we jumped at the chance to cool down and balance those sugar levels a bit LOL, so yummy..
THANK YOU to everyone that visited us over the last 2 days of the show customers and demonstrators alike, we loved having you and we hope you loved seeing our display.
Till next time here’s the virtual tour of the stand, thank you and see you again soon, till then big  hugs xxx
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