Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter break

Hello here I hope you’re enjoying a fabulous break over Easter, we sure have had some fabulous weather didn’t we? Our stay in London was really good, it was so nice seeing dad again and we had a really good time together however there was one person who we all missed and that was mum. We started Easter Day  with a traditional breakfast and the cracking of the dyed eggs. This is an Easter tradition in the Orthodox religion, you dye eggs bright red (although in the modern days  eggs get decorated in every colour of the rainbow) and then at the table before your meal you partner with one of the guests/family member and say Christos a Inviat! (Christ has Risen!), the other person responds Adevarat C-a Inviat!  (Truly He is Risen!)
You then proceed and tap each other’s eggs.  The persons egg that remains intact is supposed to have good fortune for the coming year and is the winner, a lot of thought goes into choosing the hardest egg from the bowl and I can confirm that this year my sister’s egg was the strongest much to Luca’s disgust.
We then headed towards Central London mainly for dad’s benefit, and as you can see below the preparations for an upcoming important wedding have started. I loved seeing the city all dressed up what a special treat for all those visiting London at this of london
I love the Royal Family and I am so excited about this wedding.
In the afternoon we came home and cooked the most fabulous English Roast Dinner, we had lamb of course and it was yummy. I love how as a family we combine our two different cultures.
I will leave you with a few snaps of our day, hopefully you had a lovely Easter weekend with your family.
Thank you for stopping by till next time Big hugs xxxx
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  1. Great photos Monica, you've captured the Union Jacks in London so well along with that beautiful blue sky we've been having lately :)

    Lovely to hear your Easter traditions and photos of your family gatherings.

    Take care,


  2. Lovely to see and hear about your wondeful family.
    I think Easter can be a very positive time for those suffering loss - as Christ was reborn and lived on, so do those who have departed, in the memories of all who remember them.
    Much love,

  3. Christos a-anviat Moni!! Hope you had a great Easter!! Hello to Jock and your sis & fam! Everyone looks great!! I miss you all!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the traditions of the painted eggs and also your great photos. Glad you had a happy Easter.

  5. what a great weekend you had - the merging of 2 cultures sound really good - it's a shame that the English tradition of the giving of eggs has been lost it's meaning a bit - my mother died nearly 2 years ago and I still miss her - best wishes Lesley

  6. Wonderful memories to keep Monica!! The bunting looks amazing against the blue sky. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Viv xx

  7. It`s lovely to hear about Easter traditions from other cultures, sounds like you had a great time, the piccies of London look great, ( that`s my old stomping ground but I don`t live there now ) my brother still lives in London but he`s off to Scotland for the royal wedding as it will be chaos getting around London for him otherwise ! thanks for sharing your weekend with us, hugs Sara xx

  8. Fab photos of your family Easter gathering and i just love the photo of the bunting in London sorry you didnt have your Mum with you mine died 2003 and its hard but remember the good times luv Sue x


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