Tuesday, 5 April 2011

THANK YOU for all the love… and what do you think?

Hello there how are you? I am getting there we arrived back in the UK and I am frantically trying to catch up with so much that I have outstanding. I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one that took time to leave me a comment, sent me a beautiful card, text me, facebook me, email and rang me. Thank you for your lovely  messages of support for me and my family, they made me cry as I read them and they also filled me with warmth, to think that so many of you have been thinking of me and my family at this sad time was comforting and very much appreciated, THANK YOU.
Seeing my mum burial was the hardest thing I have so far experienced  in my life, seeing my sister so upset and distraught broke my heart even further and I constantly wished I could have made it easier for her. I am thankful for my husband and my brother in law who were true superstars throughout this. My heart aches for my dad whom we left on his own in the house where they shared so much together, I am counting the days till he can join us for a few months while the immense grief he feels right now starts to fade slowly, is going to be a long road I am sure. We take comfort in the fact that mum is now in a much better place free of pain and suffering and we also take comfort in the fact that she didn't suffer too long on this Earth. She will live in our memories and our hearts forever and I know it will be hard every day but I also know I will cope and it will get easier in time, is because of her I am here on this Earth and coping and carrying on is what I owe her, she gave me my strength and positive outlook in life for which I will be forever grateful. Love you so much Mama.
Once again if you took time to contact me and even if you didn't have time to do so but you though of me at this sad time I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Ok let’s move onto happier things now:
Let me ask you this.. have you seen it?  do you like myself think is FABULOUS?
I am talking of course about the new Mini Catalogue. I was so excited when it was revealed to us demos nearly a month ago. I couldn't sleep that night and I planned all sorts for the big reveal, little did I knew then that God had different plans for me.
I love all of it and I am so looking forward having a good play with my lovely new stash very soon, I have barely looked at it yet. new mini 2011
The mini has a fabulous selection of fresh new product with the star of the show of course being the wonderful BIG SHOT< I am delighted that we are able to offer it and I am proud to work with a company that listens to is demonstrators, YOU our customers have requested the BS, exclusive  dies and accessories, WE requested it on your behalf and SU have listened to us, all YOU have to do now is support US and buy them *smile* so that we can show SU they didn’t make a mistake in offering it to us all. I am so excited to share with you the possibilities of this great machine and is potential, if you are a quilter or you like to sew all I can say is HURRY up and buy one of those machines but not just yet because I have a super fun competition for you here today.  How would you like to get a BIG SHOT from me for a cool £5?  
Yes you have read it correctly you can take a Big Shot home for as little as £5. I am running a competition and a  £5 entry will give you the chance to win the coolest die cutting system on the market , the more entries the more chances you will have. All you have to do is buy a mini kit that makes this lovely looking project.
main brooch
. Each kit bought will give you a FREE entry into the competition to WIN  a  BIG SHOT, the more kits you buy the more chances you have, you do not have to purchase the kit if you do not like it or do not need one,  a £45 worth of order will give you a free entry as well. 
Please note that there is a 41p postage charge for the kit in addition to the £5 entry fee and kits colour cannot be chosen you will get either of the 2 colours featured in my photo. In addition a video tutorial will be provided for you on how to create your lovely brooch, here’s a little close up.
close brooch
What do you think? fancy having a go? Click below to add your entry or email me with your £45 order NOW at telemech01@aol.com, the winner will be pulled out on Tuesday 12 Apr. at 12 am GMT. A live video recording will be added to my blog, UK entries only please.

Thank you once again for all your support, till next time Big Hugs
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  1. Dear Monica,

    Last August my mom passed away. I was en still am very sad, I know what you (& your family) are going trough. Those were lovely words you said on your blog. It gives me the courage to move on. Thank you very much en I will think of you and your family


  2. Dear Monica,

    My mom passed away last August. I was en still am very sad, so I know what you (& your family) are going through. Those were lovely words you wrote on your blog, it gives me the courage to move on. Thank you very much, I will be thinking of you and your family

    Jeanet xxx

  3. So sorry for your loss Monica, blogland has been quiet without you :-)

  4. Hey, so good to see you back, take care and be strong ;)

    Big hugs

    Vicki x

  5. You have great courage Monica. I wish you nothing but the best. Your post moved me to tears. Time heals all wounds but it'll be difficult to imaagine that at the moment.

  6. So sorry,I hadn't heard
    thinking of you and yours
    mandi xx

  7. Hi Monica
    I am soo sorry Monica at your sad loss of your Mum...i lost my mum 8 years ago...i still miss her and cry for her..she was so special...like your mum...i lost my husband nearly 12 years ago ..i was deverstated...but time does heal but you don`t think it ever will...you are a strong ..gorgeous person ..i have never met you ...but i feel i know you really well...
    lots of Love and Hugs
    sylvie xxx

  8. Big hugs from all in sunny Jersey. xxx


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