Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I am back, bet you didn’t miss me..

Hello there I hope you are well, I am not sure you noticed my absence (I hope you didn't! LOL). Anyway  I have just returned home after spending two relaxing weeks in Paradise.
This was our second time in Cuba and we stopped at this wonderful hotel. It was fabulous and I rarely recommend hotels or resorts as I think holidays are such a personal thing (we all have different requirements for our holidays) but I would thoroughly recommend this one to anyone who is looking for some serious pampering and a very relaxing time.
I really needed both after the last few months and I am back feeling refreshed and trying to get to terms with the jet lag.
I am already missing this
I am missing our friendly and very accommodating butler, my outside shower which was amazing, I even miss the fun towel art which some days was elegant and some days hilarious.
But most of all I miss the wonderful people that made our stay unforgivable, Cubans are warm, happy and very genuine people.
 We were also very blessed to form some amazing friendships with quite a few other couples (the pool above looks very peaceful but let me tell you I have photographic evidence that at times it told a very different story LOL).
One thing I struggled with was the Internet Connection, while it was available it was slow and temperamental so if you have contacted me and you are waiting for a reply still please bear with me as I am slowly catching up.
Hope to see you very soon again with some lovely inspiration, I am desperate to get crafting. Till next time big hugs xxx
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  1. Looks like a you had a wonderful time a STUNNING place!!

  2. Glad you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday, it looks gorgeous there, and of course we missed you! Hugs
    Caroline x

  3. That looks amazing - I'm surprised you wanted to come home! But of course we missed you and can't wait to see your next crafty creation - once you've got over the jet lag of course! Val.XX

  4. Yes, a beautiful paradise, please send the name of the hotel...would love a pampering holiday....

  5. Wow: looks amazing Monica! Hope you're totally revitalised and ready for some crafting :)

    Alex x

  6. Absolutely awesome!! I live the US and we are unable to travel to Cuba. Maybe that'll change in the future. Looks fantastic! Welcome back!

  7. So relaxing! I live in the US and we are not able to travel to Cuba. Looks fantastic!

  8. Glad you are back and feeling refreshed!! x

  9. I think i would be missing this too the photos are amazing Luv Sue x

  10. WoW! This looks so beautiful! It is very complicated for Americans to fly to Cuba. I may never be able to see these sights so thanks so much for the pictures!


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