Monday, 20 June 2011

Stampin’Up! European Incentive Trip Prague 2011- DAY 1

Helloooo there…. WOW!! I am back from one of the best breaks ever !!! I never believed that they would be able to top last year’s trip but boy oh boy how wrong was I? And the best thing about it all was that it was all free courtesy of Stampin’Up!
 Now while the trip was an all expenses paid trip I need to say that I did worked hard to earn it, and my biggest thanks goes to each and every one of my customers that supported me plus my wonderful team of demonstrators who promoted, without you all I would have never have been able to experience any of this, so THANK YOU ALL !!
I started my adventure on Wednesday night. After finishing work I left for Manchester picking up my downline Jules on the way. Hubs dropped us both off at the Bewleys hotel and the adventure began, I was a bit sad to see him go back home while I was looking forward to this wonderful trip but I consoled myself with the thought that next year he will be able to join me.
We went to bed but we were to excited and chatted for ages before finally dropping off to sleep ready for our early departure the next day.
Alarm went off at 4.30 am and by 5.15 we were on the shuttle bus on our way to the airport. We boarded our first flight in time and as we were getting ready for the take off the captain announced a 30 min. delay, this instantly panicked us and the worst did happen as we missed our connecting flight to Prague, it was a low point at that time but most flights into Frankfurt ended up being delayed that morning.
The next flight was in an hour’s time but the waiting list was huge already so we never made that one either, but after 4 boarding passes and 6 hours later than expected we finally arrived in Prague. Ivana our Stampin'Up! representative and tour guide escorted us to our posh Mercedes car and before we knew it we were on our way to one of the most luxurious hotels I have ever stayed in, The Mandarin Oriental an old monastery situated only 5 minutes walk from Charles Bridge. While we checked in they served us the nicest jasmine ice tea I was soo grateful I nearly asked for another LOL.
On the way up to my room I told myself that there was no time to take any photos of the room or to jump on my huge bed and try it out as I only had 30 minutes to get ready for our welcome dinner, I was shattered as well, it has been a long day indeed. But while I was waiting for my suitcase to be brought up I couldn’t  stop myself taking pictures of the first pillow gift which was waiting for me on the bed.  At this point the journey was behind me the adrenaline kicked in and I was giddy with excitement.
gift first
The theme was time and the tags using the Sense of time stamp set were simply gorgeous.
This tag spelt the write time and inside the cute shopping bag was this gorgeous decorated journal. The bag by the way had the cutest pattern from our Springtime Vintage designer paper.
journal After the quickest shower ever (I am sure I never washed behind my ears)  the high heels went on and I was soon ready to join the others.
As me and Julie entered the room the first surprise revealed itself, apart from Shelli and Sterling our other US representative was Pam Morgan, that really made my Incentive Trip there and then!!  we all adore Pam, she is one of the nicest, warm and genuine  lady you will get to meet plus very funny to, I loved spending lots of time with her on this trip, I feel I got to know her a bit better. Next it was one quick canapé a lovely hug from Shelli and it was photo time, here is the UK group all dressed up, I love these girls, each one of them lovely and I was looking forward spending some time with them.
from left Amanda Fowler, Michelle Last, Julie Kettlewell(my downline), Frank Manu our Incentive Trip mascot perched on Julei’s shoulder, Natalie O’Shea, Bekka Prideaux (my downline), Jo Dumbleton, myself and Paula our Country manager. It was lovely to have Bekka and Jo there as first time achievers of the trip and I need to point out that there were two more lovely girls that achieved the trip in the UK but for personal reasons couldn’t attend, it was Jenny Moors and Dawn Silver. We all missed them and their names were often mentioned as we reminisced about last year’s adventure in Monacco.
We then quickly made it inside the room where our lovely 3 course dinner was served.
016It  was very evident that the building was a monastery in this lovely room and the food served was gorgeous. As we were tucking into our starter we each had to share a favourite childhood memory, it was such a lovely way to start the journey and learn a bit about each other.
After a quick night cap it was time to get back to our rooms and I was ready for it. Before dinner Kellie gave me the folder which contained my name badge which was gorgeous and my Spin the wheel tickets, how fabulous do they look? oh and the message spelt… time to spin !! I know is all about the little details...time 2 spin
As I slipped into my pyjamas I noticed the turn down service has been and when I looked closer I found that there were some goodies left on my bedside table.
Prague 2011
I let out a little squeal when I discovered the Sleep Spray(top left) it was a delicious lavender scented spray that you could spray over the pillow.  Well I have never had that (Travelodge really do need to take notes) it was a very nice little touch I thought. They also left a bottle of water every night, below bathrobe, slippers and weighing scales put in there to help us weigh our suitcases before departure I am sure, (at least that’s all I have used them for Winking smile).
Next the bathroom, it was stunning all marble with a TV in it,  oh and I wish I took a photo of the toiletries they were gorgeous!! I smuggled them all in my case every day, the rooms all had fresh flowers and fruit in and mine had this gorgeous orchid, next the bed OH WOW it was so dreamy and I loved to spread out as far as I could what a treat!!, and last a very nice welcome card hand signed by the hotel manager, I loved that the envelope that said In residence, hee hee is the little things isn’t it?
I took that little bottle sprayed it all around me and my pillow before I jumped into bed and all I remember was breathing in once, I was fast asleep before I could say Sleep Spray.
Come back tomorrow for my second day, what a treat!!! till then big hugs xx
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  1. Hi Monica
    Glad you had a Fab time you work sooo hard.... you deserve it ...The Pictures look great ....

  2. Hi Monica! Wow, you made me feel as though I went on this amazing adventure with you! I appreciate all the details and your beautiful photos. You DESERVE this trip on a job well done! Can't wait to read more tomorrow!!!

  3. sounds amazing - thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! Sounds you are all being so pampered! Hope you are having a great time - how fun!

  5. Wow it sounds fabulous! Can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!

  6. My sweety... It was so wonderful to share this trop with you... I miss you already ! Je te kiffe grave. Vanou
    Ps : I won't forget this trip which "déchire sa mémé" !!! :))

  7. So very glad you all had a wonderful time,

    Travelodge do indeed need to take note!!!! hee hee

    Love Jenny x

  8. Sounds fabulous Monica - glad you enjoyed it, you deserve it!

  9. Congratulations! Sounds like a fabulous trip and perfectly executed, as always!! Thanks for sharing the adventures - you have described the events and emotions so well.

  10. Another who 'kiffe's' you Monica, you are the best, I love being in your company. Thanks for the extra pj party! Bisous.

  11. thank you for sharing day 1; you're truly an amazing gal, blogger & SU demo; keep up the hard & lovely work; can't wait 'till tomorrow's stories!

  12. It all looks & sounds amazing, despite the unfortunate start!

  13. Glad you enjoyed Monica,hope you took your iron for your silk dresses.;)

  14. Wow Monica - that all sounds so wonderful! What a trip - congratulations on all your hard work to gain this! Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos and describing everything in so much detail.
    Love, Andrea xx

  15. Wow this place sounds like heaven shame re the delay but worth it in the end thanks for sharing the adventure with us Luv Sue x

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