Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stampin’Up! European Incentive Trip Prague 2011-Day 2

Hello and thank you for following this amazing journey with me, I am a bit late today as we had team training straight after work. I loved reading all your comments thank you.
Day 2 started with a yummy breakfast, I had fresh fruit and granola with yummy yoghurt, I still felt full from the night’s before dinner. The agenda was revealed and we were heading for the Castle, but we were not going to get up there by foot Oh No!! With Stampin’Up! you always travel in style. We had a Vintage Tram all to ourselves for a nice tour of the city before we climbed towards the castle. This city is amazing!! There is history at every turn and the mix of architecture and styles is unbelievable, this is what makes this place special , unique and eclectic for sure.
The tram ride was like stepping back in time and a little bouncy at times Smile.
Ivana our guide (standing at the back of the top picture) was a wonderful guide, she was extremely passionate about her job you could tell and gave use a full and detailed account of each historic site, it was fascinating but also very tiring as after a while my brain could simply not process any more information, is been an awful long time since I finished school and that's my excuse. Once we toured the city we found ourselves at the castle.
Prague 20114
From the outside it looked impressive and from the inside even more fabulous!!
Prague 20111
A fab experience, it was simply stunning at every turn. And then when we lost concentration we found ways to amuse ourselves.
Queen for the day? You betcha !!!
Vanou my sweet friend from France, Julie my cute downline and myself looking rather tired.
After exploring a while longer it was time for lunch.
lunch collage
From left the beautiful decorated menu, next we have desert which was yum pancakes with strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream( I could not eat this I only managed half of one),  right hand side shot the beautiful Michelle she really is beautiful inside and out, the only thing that’s against her is that she’s not that funny(love you honey Winking smile),  middle photo of the beautiful Villa Richter overlooking the town, our dining place. Check out the gorgeous structure and the wonderful glass grapes dangling down, it was so pretty, very light and very warm. Below left the main course, it was salmon and it was yum yum, middle the beautiful details on the menus ( we were frantic within 20 seconds of entering that room.. I so wish !!!), and below right the best Cesar Salad ever!! We enjoyed chatting and sharing and the day was pretty much perfect by this point, but shortly the time for us to leave came. As we had the afternoon off to do as we wished a few of us went back to town and explored a bit more, there was a market there as well and after a stop for some refreshments it was time to head back to the hotel, trouble is we lost our way and it took us a few hours. It was so funny when we realised after a long while just how far we wondered, we had a good laugh about it.
Next it was time to have a shower slip into our comfy pyjamas and head down to the hospitality room for our make n take night. We met 15 minutes early before the doors opened and we all swapped, WOW the swaps were all fabulous  and i will share them very soon they deserve a post of their own. I made some of these to swap and my dad helped me with packaging HE LOVES the big shot !! The funniest thing for me that night was watching the incredulous staff , what they made of all those grown women all dressed in pyjamas ooohing and ahhhing over little bright pieces of card God only knows!! bet they have never had anyone like our group in their beautiful hotel, and I cannot not mention the staff, I have very rarely  experienced service like it. The staff at this hotel made my stay from fabulous to incredible they were very good. By now demos were making their way inside the room and just when I thought we couldn’t possibly get any louder WE DID!!
As we entered  the room all you could hear were loud squeals of excitement, oh God I wish I could translate a fraction of that glorious atmosphere for you here but sadly I can’t.
Prague 20115
as we entered the first thing we found on the chairs was an apron with our names embroidered on them as well as the beautiful Prague artwork.(middle and bottom right), top left my lovely downline Bekka and our country manager Paula Gorry, centre picture the UK group( I wish I could photoshop the other two missing girls in this photo I really missed them), top and middle right the most exciting lunch bag I have ever received, it had patent detail and it was filled with NEW product from the upcoming catalogue OMG!! pee your panties time for sure, unfortunately we cannot breath a word about it, it was tough at team training tonight but I didn’t budge *smile*, the tag this time read GOOD TIMES!! Oh yeah good times indeedy!! Bottom left shot Jules, the lovely Shelli and myself.
There were tasty treats as well
Prague 20113
And where there’s treats there’s Monica too!!! there were sweets in tall and pretty jars, cakes galore and I can confirm that I have tried everything, Shelli wanted to try as many as she could as well and we decided to share one of everything between us , it worked well and they were divine. In the picture below left you can see my sweet friend Poupette Valerie, Jeanette and Carola very sweet girlies. There was fabulous and very expensive chocolates as well that the French country manager Jerome brought for us all. Talking about Jerome, he is the most stylish individual you will meet. Last year he even made  pyjamas look stylish, well I creased myself laughing(excuse the pun !!) when he appeared wearing the most crumpled pyjamas you have ever seen to our make n take, they even had a tear in them, he did it on purpose of course and all the attention was on him and his sorry state pj’s, look at the state of them
Heee heee so funny!! I have to say they did look better after wearing them for the night I should have taken  a photo of them when he arrived, deffo no tres chic !!
We carried on and chatted, crafted, laughed, eat and drank and before we knew it the time to say goodbye came again. We went up to our rooms with our arms filled with goodies but I was to excited and hyped to sleep straight away, so I looked at my new goodies once again, checked all my beautiful swaps and took a picture of my feet layin in bedSmile with tongue out.
Yiikes they’re not pretty !! I knew I had to use that spray again and not long after I was gone. Sleep tight I will see you tomorrow with more, hugs xxx
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  1. Sounds like another fabulous day! Thanks for sharing it with us

  2. Thanks again Monica for your great travel show. Prague looks wonderful, and that hotel looks amazing. I have to say too that you girls had the most elegant pyjamas I've seen. What a trip!

  3. You're so funny !!! I miss you my sweet friend !! :)

  4. Oh my what a superb treat for you all and very well deserved for all ya hard work! Can't wait for the next installment...

  5. Monica you are just hilarious.

  6. what an exciting tutorial; makes me want to book a vacation for Prague now.

  7. WOW, what a wonderful trip Monica, thanks for sharing those times with us. Linda

  8. Wow, that truly is a beautiful city - glad you had another fabulous day. Thanks for more beautiful photos and details.
    Love, Andrea xx

  9. Wow wow wow thanks for the fantastic pictures and descriptions felt like i was there what a wonderfull experience Luv Sue x


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