Monday, 21 November 2011

European Convention-Disneyland Paris 2011

Hello there I hope you are well and I hope you can forgive my long absence from blogging. I won’t go in the why’s I am just asking for forgiveness Rolling on the floor laughing.

I have just returned from our Annual Convention held in the fabulous Disneyland Paris. WOW! what a fabulous few days we all had. I left for Paris on Weds along with  quite a few over the top excited demos from my team and other teams. It was great to see all of us giggling with anticipation. We had a short and uneventful flight and after landing we were straight into a taxi with destination Disney Village. And in less than 2 hours from landing 7 of us were back into the heart of Paris.


The sky was blue the weather mild and we enjoyed a few hours mucking about and taking photos of this famous landmark.

We started doing the cancan, from left to right we have Erika, Paula, Jo, myself, Linz and Alison, Helen was taking the photo, thank you Helen.


Very soon after this shot things got a bit out of hand, can you spot the exhibitionists of the group? LOL we were in hysterics silly girls!!


From left to right Helen, Paula, Erika, Lindsey, Jo and Alison.

After the stroll we stopped at a nice cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower  and enjoyed a few refreshments. The Kir Royal was one of the best I had.

We got the taxi driver to pick us up at 6pm  to get back to the hotel in time for dinner at Hollywood Planet. Here’s what the tower looked as we left we even got to see it flickering for a few minutes when the clock strike 6pm, it was very pretty.

tower at night 1

I forgot my camera so have no pictures of the dinner but I can assure you that it was a really fun, we joined a rather large group of French demonstrators and gosh were we loud LOL> It was a wonderful end to an exciting and happy pre convention day.

Before I leave for my bed I will share my downline gifts. As I was searching for ideas I came across some lovely hand felted scarfs on Etsy. They were beautiful and I knew I wanted the girls to have one, and as my budget didn’t stretch far enough to buy them I decided to learn a new craft and decided to make them myself. After spending twice as much on materials to make them then i would have spent to buy them I set to work and produced a little piece of wearable art for each of my first level attending convention.


Hand dyed 100% silk and 100% merino wool fibres have been hand felted together to create a light, soft and very warm scarf, each one unique just like the girls. They did take a LOT of time and effort (up to 3 hours each) but they were worth it for sure and I can confirm that they have been well received. I made 13 of them but the other ones were still drying when I took the photo.

Here’s some close up details

scarf close                  scarf close 3

scarf close 2   scarf close 1

Silk fibres and sari silk threads were used for extra sheen and to create interesting 3 dimensional details on the scarfs.

The scarfs were packaged in black bags topped with a tag that doubled as a bag tag the next day. Each year we receive a Convention bag and is handy to have a name tag on your bag so you can identify easily should it get misplaced.


I used the Top note die and some Newsprint designer paper for the basic tag. Basic Grey card stock was embosses with the frames embossing folders and the Artistic Etchings stamp set was used to add lovely accents. Vintage brads, Victoria lace and rhinestones provide further interest to the tags.

I want to thank my sweet friend Carol for helping me with these lovely tags for the girls.

Right I will be back tomorrow with more from this fabulous trip. Good to be back thank you for visiting, hugs xxx

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  1. You girls are crazy ! I love that... I love you all. I miss you already mmy dear Monica...
    I can't wait to see you again. Thank you so much for your present, for your laugh, your hapiness... Thanks to be you !!!
    Vanou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow Monica those scarves are a work of art, so beautiful,I would love to try this technique would you mind sharing how you did it please?

  3. Hi Monica
    Lovely to see you at Convention as always.

    These are beautiful, beautiful scarfs, I do believe I NEED a one on one workshop to create one of those lol They are truly gorgeous, love the tags too

  4. Wow it looks like you had a great trip, Paris is lovely I enjoyed a trip there some years ago, your scarves are stunning and I`m sure they were well received, lovely tags too, hugs Sara xx

  5. OMGoodness Mon, those scarves look absolutely gorgeous

  6. Beautiful scarves Monica, made more special because you made them yourself, and I love the tag too.

  7. It's lovely to hear you all had a fantastic time.

    Monica your scarves are beautiful.


  8. Je te kiffe grave!!!
    I was really happy to meet you.

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  10. Hello Monica ! Nice to have met you at Convention in Paris, it's a plesure to see you & talk to you. Wow your girls are so crazy LOL !!

    Congratulations for all your prices !!
    Maud, a "little goddaughter of Moira in her beautiful "line of happiness"

  11. Oh.My.Gosh!!!!!!!!!!! You girls are the bestest!!! I knew that Jo was my kinda girl, lol!!!! Woooo Hoooo!

    I would have loved to be downtown in the evening, but with The Bella in tow, it just wasn't in the cards this time around. We had a lovely time during our day trip on Thursday though. Alas, no cann-canning or "flashing" - much to the appreciation of all of Paris no doubt!

    Your scarves are totally to-die-for gorgeous!!! What lucky team members you have! And I'm sure they know it too!!!

    Big, big hugs and sloppy, wet kisses from Italy! I'll be in England in July it looks like! You've been warned!!!!


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