Monday, 6 February 2012

Fresh vintage bowl

Hello there, I hope you are well and had a great weekend. Are you snowed it? we had 6” of snow here, my car is still buried on the drive and the road is a big thick sheet of ice. I have been doing  jobs inside the house today however I need to get out tomorrow and I do hope it will melt down a bit.

At our class last month we played with air dry clay and made some fabulous Valentine ornaments. The inspiration behind them came from Pinterest, I love that site so much there were lots of ornaments and plaques and tags so I decided to have a go.

The ladies loved them just as much as I did and since then I made a bowl, lots of cute  tags and more lovely hearts. Here’s the one we made in class.


Now this particular one had an accident as it snapped in half when I tried to check if it was dry (I know). I started by rolling out the clay then inking my stamp in Pool Party ink before stamping straight into the clay. I used a pizza cutter to trim around and get a tidy edge but a knife would work just as well. You can wet your finger and smooth down every imperfection left by the knife.  Please bear in mind the fact that whatever colour ink you are using it will dry a lot lighter. Once dry I sponged some shimmer paint and this instantly offered a lovely distressed look as well as added a very pretty sparkle.

I didn’t stop there and made another one straight away, this time left the colour white but had a bit of fun with the edges. I love everything ruffled so it was only natural that I’d try it.

heart fluted

The detail from the stamps is  mind blowing, really pretty. If you even made a pie in your life you will know exactly what to do with those edges if you haven’t then simply pinch the edge of the clay and curl it with your fingers to achieve a fluted edge. I hang this over a bird cage I have on my radiator cover in the kitchen

heart fluted-2

as you can see I couldn’t refrain from adding a bit of Crumb Cale ink to the front of it.

And then I got a bit more adventurous and made a bowl. This time I used the Fresh Vintage stamp free with a qualifying purchase until March 31.


Here it is  a bit wavy at the top but I took the photo before it fully dried, I have since sanded the edge to a smooth finish and spray painted it white and it now holds a selection of pretty jewellery on my bedside table.


And look at my gorgeous Simply Adorned bracelet, I am wearing it all the time much more than my locket although I am addicted at changing my art work for it.  Is Simply gorgeous Red heartit.

Right I hope you like my pretties today, till next time big hugs xxx

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