Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stampin’Up! Incentive trip Vienna 2012- Day 2

we woke up bright and early and made our way down for breakfast, you could hear the excited chatter all across the room. Soon we were picked up by our coach ready for a guided tour around the fabulous Schonbrunn Palace  the Summer residence for the many Habsburg Monarchs.
The weather was just amazing and the Palace HUGE!!! and very beautiful.
We opted for a guided tour and I am so glad we did. Elisabeth our guide was sooo fab at her job she kept us hanging off her every word. The Habsburgs have had a very long and interesting history and it was fun to learn  more about them. It also made me feel a bit sad that after all that time and all that rich history they no longer exist (although descendants are living all over Europe today), I am so grateful we still have our Queen and the Royal Family.
elisabeth Here’s Elisabeth our fab guide on the left and to my right is Christina the lovely lady that greeted us at the airport when we arrived. Also in this picture you can just spot Victoria and Tracy who had to use a wheelchair for the tour due to a very bad back poor thing.
After the inside visit we were taken for a surprise group activity, STRUDEL making Smile
Oh what fun this was
It was kinda of like a Stampin’Up! workshop make n take .
Everyone got a kit along with a hat and apron, a demo showing us what to do and then it was  time to go.
Yep he really can’t believe those floured fingers LOL
DSC_0106 (1)        DSC_0110
It cracks me up how seriously we are both taking this, but the payout was no holes in our pastry.
Some were not as fortunate
Here’s what they ended up looking  like, mine
and Pete’s LOL (there’s always one )
Now they were not bad so I have to say I was feeling pretty confident as i left mine in the capable hands of the staff.
master baker         master baker-2
After indulging in a few refreshments  and snacks we were all ready to carry on exploring the outside of the Palace , simply stunning grounds.
The rose gardens smelled divine,
IMG_1331     roses
A very informative tour around the carriage museum and it was time to head back but not before collecting our masterpieces.
i was so excited to see it but quickly that silly grin was wiped off my face, it looked awful, oh my god I am not quite sure what they did to it while i wasn’t watching Smile. Pete’s on the other hand turned out pretty good.
Capture    strudle-3
And here’s my apple strudel, what did they do to it? Thanks Moira for the photo
A quick trip via the Hospitality Suite for a wheel spin and some refreshments.wheel-2    martin
I loved Martin’s t-shirt Smile
And then we joined some of the German demos for a trip round the food market and a cool drink.
jack food
Food looked so good and inviting but it was really hot and I did indulge in some of the lovely snacks at the Palace so sadly I had no room to sample the delicious looking goodies. That was one big Jack fruit !!!
Here come the BOYS !!!
from left Joe Irene’s husband, Alex Ute’s hubs, Alwin Dori’s hubs and my lovely hubs Pete. Here I made them laugh as I was asking them for a macho pose but none of them took any notice, pretty typical really Smile
After a while we found a quiet spot to enjoy a cold drink and chatted getting to  know each other a bit more. I was so grateful for their excellent English I only wish I had some time to brush up my German and French skills.
the waitress took a picture of the whole group just before we were getting ready to leave.
From left the super cute Jenni, Alwin, Doris, Ute, Alex, Silvia, moi, hubby and Joe. It was such a fun few hours with lots of laughter, thank you guys we really enjoyed your company Smile.
542471_448530615165196_1379522742_n    german group
it was back to the hotel quick shower and a change of clothes ready for dinner. Natalie booked a lovely place recommended as the best to have a proper Wiener Schnitzel. Most of the UK group went and Dave Baugh and his lovely wife Jenifer joined us as well. Dave is our Vice President of International Relations, we got to spend a lovely time with him in Monacco 2 years ago so it was nice to meet  his lovely wife Jen at last.
The Schnitzel was humongous and very, very good served with the traditional potato salad but there was no way I could finish it all, it did  turned out that I should have done *sigh*
1st pic from left to right Simon, Michelle, Joe, Amanda, Robin.
2nd picture from left Julie, Brian, Bekka, Kerry and Jason.
3rd pic from far left Paul, Dave, Jen, Martin, Victoria, Julie, Natalie
4th picture from left Jo, Zoe, me, Pete, Paula and Paul
the night was coming to and end and before we went to bed I nipped up to my room and this is what was waiting for me there.
pillow gift
I squealed a bit as I just love this fabric and it matched our perfect day so well. I can safely say I won’t be using these they are strictly for displaying at events only.
The tag close up
So just before midnight we got back to the room and the first thing Pete asked was *Why did you pack an oven glove love? *
We decided to watch a movie and agreed on Safe House, half way through it and way past midnight I was eyeing up my Apple Strudel on the coffee table. And I ended up eating the whole lot bar the end pieces which really were inedible.
Let’s just say my tummy did not thank me.
Please come back as next I am sharing the most amazing day of this whole trip. I felt so very lucky this entire trip. Hugs xx

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  1. fab pics Mon, impressed you managed a late night feast of strudel - very impressed! I managed a mid afternoon one and almost threw the spoon from the hotel in the bin!

  2. What a trip to remember! I'm soooo happy for you AND your husband! Glad to see that talents like yours are rewarded, and thank you for sharing your trip with us in photos! KT in San Jose, CA

  3. Monica, What a great post today! I loved seeing all the photos and hearing about this trip! It sounded like so much fun!
    Thanks so much for writing about it!

  4. Monica's midnight madness lol... love seeing and hearing about your wonderful trip. x

  5. Such fun you all had!!!! Sorry about the tummy ache though!


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